How OCR helps organizations work smarter

What it is 

OCR technology, also known as Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that lifts pixels from scanned documents and translates them into digital data. Through this process, the documents end up fully readable, neatly organized, and digitized. 

In short, 
OCR extracts the data from imported documents and maps the recognized data to the actual location of the textual content in the documents. By doing so, you only need to map data once on your vendors as the data will be recognized for all future documents received from this vendor. 


Added value for organizations 

  • OCR means faster invoice processing as the time to respond to a customer after receiving an invoice is shortened. This improves the overall customer experience. 

  • OCR functions as fraud detection and increases the data security  

  • OCR means cost and time reduction as automated document processing reduces resources significantly compared with an entirely manual process. 


How do we use OCR at Continia? 

OCR technology is built inside Document Capture. The award-winning OCR-functionality of ABBYY FineReader to enrich received paper- and PDF documents with data, which is used to register these documents in Business Central with no user involvement at all. 

To have the documents OCR processed
 in Document Capture, you can either use the Continia Cloud OCR service or install the ABBYY FineReader Engine and Document Capture Service On-Premises. 

At Continia, we distinguish between 
Cloud and on-premises OCR.  

As a standard, t
he OCR document processor is included in the base module upon purchasing an on-premises solution. You can choose between two types of OCR solutions: 

Cloud OCR – which is a hosted service on Microsoft Azure. There is no cost for implementation, no operating costs and you always stay on the latest version of our OCR technology.  

Continia On-premises OCR
 – when choosing this solution, you carry the implementation costs. In return, you receive a higher volume of free OCR pages.  

Please note that switching from one OCR type to another, a fee is required.