How to gain an overview of employee expenses


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Match expense receipts with bank transactions automatically

Do you need instant insights into all of your company's expenses charged to corporate credit cards and a seamless solution for getting all expense receipts matched automatically with bank transactions?

Employee expenses are imported directly into your finance system and matched with bank transactions in a single workflow, so you gain an enhanced overview of all expenses charged to a corporate credit card.

Register - synchronize - import

Employees on the go access a unique Continia Expense Management app on their smartphone for reporting each expense and taking a picture of the receipt. As soon as the expense has been reported, it is sent automatically to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

The expenses are set up in the system based on credit card transactions from your bank.

Continia Expense Management is the first solution of its kind to match registered credit card transactions with reported expenses. If a receipt is missing for an expense, the system automatically creates an expense and sends it off to the right user.

The expense now appears in the user's Continia Expense Management app with a reminder to submit the missing documentation.

Easy to get started

Are you keen to benefit from automated imports of company credit card transactions? You'll be up and running in no time!

All you need is an agreement with your bank. The agreement is unique to your business; no one else will be able to download transactions associated with your company.

Now, all transactions linked to your company credit cards will automatically be captured in your finance and accounting system as soon as the bank has uploaded new transactions – all in one seamless, reliable flow.

Watch the video to learn how you too can benefit from a better overview of your organisation's credit card transactions.