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All from a single source!
With digitization, processes, machines and companies are networked. New business models and competitive structures are emerging and more and more technical aids and intelligent software solutions are being used. Benefit from our experienced resources for your ERP, CRM or IT system.
• ERP industry solutions
• CRM solutions
• Standard ERP solutions from the cloud
• IT and cloud services
• Reporting solutions

With 150 employees and as part of the Bechtle Group, we combine the skills to meet the IT requirements of SMEs.

Which companies benefit from our ERP industry solutions?
• SME companies with 15-400 employees
• Industry solution for the wholesale trade, the food industry, for process manufacturers, for the construction and trading of systems and machines, for project-oriented service providers and for
national and international financial solution

The majority of our customers already trust the Continia solutions Document Capture and Expense Management.

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