Why our customers love us

If you’re on the lookout for optimizing your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, then check out these video testimonials and Customer Success Stories from some of our customers detailing why they chose Continia solutions to optimize their financial processes in Business Central.


"One thing I’m still impressed about: we have 45 companies, and everything is sent to one email address. The system figures out where it needs to go. So, it’s quite impressive."

– Monique Jaqqam, CFO of Basecamp

We had a chat with Monique Jaqqam, the CFO of Basecamp. Play this video and learn why they chose Continia’s solutions when they were looking for an automated invoice solution.

Mayo Aviation

"We were looking for something that would actually help us start the path to eliminating paper. (…) Having a central way to get every document into our system and capturing and processing is just really a gamechanger"

– Don Jenkins, VP of Finance and Technology at Mayo Aviation

Check out this video and let Don Jenkins tell you more about choosing Continia’s solutions in their quest to eliminate paper from their way of working.