Continia Software whistleblower scheme

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At Continia Software, we strive to maintain high business ethics in everything we do. We value an environment where everyone feels safe to express themselves freely and voice any concerns, especially if they witness unlawful or unethical behavior.

The Continia whistleblower scheme gives us the opportunity to be transparent and to take action to ensure a secure and respectful community for everyone.


Our whistleblower scheme

Our whistleblower scheme allows everyone to report suspicions of serious irregularities and violations of our values and policies. Our whistleblower scheme ensures that serious matters are addressed, which is crucial to us.


What can I use the whistleblower scheme for?

You are encouraged to report a violation of our code of conduct, breaches of laws and regulations, and/or misconduct that could seriously impact our organization or an individual's life, safety, or health.

If you are an employee, we encourage you to contact your manager within our organization. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your information openly, we offer this opportunity to report your concern anonymously through the whistleblower scheme.

We have outlined this in detail in our Whistleblower Policy and Guidelines, which you can view below.

How do I submit an anonymous report?

The reporting channel is provided by an external partner to ensure anonymity. The reporting process is encrypted and password-protected. All reports are treated confidentially.

Access the reporting system for Continia Software for further information about the whistleblower scheme, including anonymity and how to submit a report.


Visit the reporting system for Continia Software 


Find and read guidelines and policies relating to Continia's whistleblower scheme.


Download policy on the Continia Software whistleblower scheme


Download whistleblower guidelines


Download code of conduct