Upcoming price changes valid from January 1, 2024

We are adjusting all our prices for existing and future customers. Price changes for all current solutions will be effective from January 1, 2024. This article describes the additions and changes in our two License Programs, one for Dynamics NAV and Business Central on-premises and the other for Business Central Cloud on AppSource.

Changes to existing prices are valid from January 1, 2024

From January 1, 2024, we're adjusting all our prices for existing and future customers. These price adjustments ensure you continue to receive innovative solutions that align with Continia's commitment to excellence while adapting to evolving market conditions.


On-Premises pricing

Customers with a Purchase License

In alignment with Microsoft, the Enhancement Plan rate will be adjusted from 16% to 18% based on the purchased license value. This adjustment will be, from January 1, 2024, applicable to all new and renewed Enhancement Plans. 

For all renewed Enhancement Plans starting from January 1, 2024, the indexations will be reset to index 100, and the indexation rate for 2024 will be 0%. This means that the price change will vary and, for some customers, be even lower. For customers with partners in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the Enhancement Plan rate is still 20%.


New & existing Subscription Licensing

For Subscription License customers, both existing and future, prices will be subject to change from January 1, 2024. The change will affect you upon your subscription renewal (six months in advance).

For new customers, pricing for Purchase Licenses will undergo a general price increase. The related Enhancement Plan prices will only be relevant for new solution purchases. Due to these price adjustments, in many situations, there will be a good opportunity for you to save by investing in a Purchase License before January 1, 2024


Business Central Online on AppSource pricing 

All Continia apps on Microsoft AppSource will be subject to a general price adjustment. This adjustment includes price raises and price reductions. The latter applies especially to Expense Management customers with a high volume of Expense Users and Document Output customers with a high level of transactions.


Attention: Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, and Australia 

Due to economic fluctuations, specifically in Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, and Australia, these regions will undergo relatively higher price increases than in other markets. If you live in these regions, we recommend that you take an extra review of the new pricing documents. 

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