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Communicate directly with your bank

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Reconcile your bank accounts with ease

Track payments from third-party payment service providers

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Every single day, businesses across the globe waste countless hours manually handling payments. Errors pile up. Payments get delayed. Costs escalate. Manual payments cost more than money and time; you also pay with stress and frustration. Additionally, they lack security and transparency.
Think of all the hours you’ve spent:

  • Double-checking that you’ve entered payment information correctly
  • Tracking down managers to approve payments on time
  • Reconciling payment records and bank statements to ensure alignment
  • Apologizing to vendors, customers, and employees for payment delays

Payment Management is the ultimate solution for automating all your payment processes. By seamlessly integrating your Business Central with your bank, you can efficiently handle payments to vendors, customers, and employees - all in a single workflow!

Top 7 reasons Payment Management is a must-have!

1. Communicate directly with your bank

Say goodbye to the manual import and export of payment and bank account files. Payment Management’s Direct Communication module effortlessly syncs your Business Central with your bank, automatically exchanging your payment data to ensure you’re kept up to date at all times.

With the Direct Communication module, you can:

  • Automatically import and export payment files
  • Receive real-time updates on the status of your payments
  • Automatically import bank account statements

Click here to see if Payment Management supports integration with your bank.

2. Secure your payment approval workflow

Stop chasing down approvers and take control of your payment process like never before! Using Payment Management’s Payment Approval module, you can create secure approval workflows for all payments to vendors, customers, and employees.  

With the Payment Approval module, you can:

  • Easily set up approval hierarchies with varying approval amount limits
  • Ensure payments below a certain amount don't require approval 
  • Quickly approve, reject, or delegate approval requests
  • Choose to approve lines individually or in batches

You no longer have to compromise security for speedier payment approvals!

3. Protect your company from payment fraud

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish genuine invoices from fakes. Stay a step ahead of malicious actors and protect your company against the rise of Beneficiary Account Change (BAC) fraud with added bank account verification. Record how you verify bank account information, e.g., via email, phone, or another method, and add comments to log additional information.

With the Bank Account Verification feature, you can:

  • Receive alerts for invoices with new or altered bank account numbers
  • Spot and avoid errors that could lead to lost or delayed payments
  • Check the verification history and get an overview of past account information changes

*Bank Account Verification is a feature available in the Payment Approval module.

4. Reconcile your bank accounts with ease

Reconciling payments can feel like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Streamline your entire reconciliation process and optimize your match rate with Continia Statement Intelligence. Statement Intelligence is directly connected to your bank, allowing you to set up bank reconciliation rules to match statement lines with your ledger entries.

With Statement Intelligence, you can:

  • Quickly reconcile payments during the import process
  • Ensure higher match accuracy with user-defined search rules
  • Receive suggestions for entries with several possible matches
  • Detect patterns in bank reconciliation and create rules for future automation

5. Track payments from third-party payment service providers

Managing payments from multiple third-party payment service providers is a daunting task. Say goodbye to scattered data and hello to a unified view of all your customers’ transactions with Payment Management’s Payment Service Providers module. 

Using the Payment Service Providers module, you can:

  • Get all customer payment information in one file
  • Work with third-party payments in the cash receipt journal
  • Accurately handle all fees and commissions

This module supports Amazon, PayPal, Klarna, Mollie,, and more. You can see the complete list of supported payment service providers and e-commerce marketplaces here.


6. Quickly generate bank account information

Manually finding and typing in all the necessary details when making international payments is time-consuming and error-prone. Auto-generate your vendor’s bank account details using their international bank account number with Payment Management’s IBAN Lookup module. No more manual data entry, no more errors, and no more failed transactions!

With the IBAN Lookup module, you can:

  • Quickly generate validated bank account information
  • Eliminate failed international transactions

7. BUILT INSIDE for seamless integration

Continia’s solutions are BUILT INSIDE your Business Central, ensuring seamless integration and a unified user experience. As Payment Management is embedded in Business Central, you can access all your tools in one place and complete payments in a single workflow - without needing external applications or additional integrations.

BUILT INSIDE means you can:

  • Work within a familiar environment, reducing the learning curve
  • Optimize your workflows for increased productivity
  • Save time on tedious tasks, such as setup, maintenance, and updates

Redefine your workday with Payment Management

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