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Invoice processing made simple  

When managing business costs, it’s crucial to ensure consistency between what you order and what you receive and pay for. Large organizations receive high volumes of supplier invoices every day, and to avoid fraud, errors, or unauthorized charges, it's key to ensure that only legitimate and accurate invoices get paid.

With the Order Matching module for Continia Document Capture, you can seamlessly match your incoming invoices and credit memos against related documents such as purchase orders, receipts, or return shipments.

Set up automatic order matching to optimize your accounts payable workflow and get a clear overview of all matched documents in your familiar Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.

Invoice matching: How does it work?

Invoice matching is a process used by accounts payable departments to verify if invoices are accurate and should get paid. A common way to confirm this is to check if the details on a supplier's invoice match the details on corresponding documents, such as purchase orders and delivery receipts. The most common forms of invoice matching are also known as two-way and three-way matching.

2-way matching 
Checks the invoice only against the purchase order.

3-way matching
Checks the invoice against both the purchase order and the purchase receipt. 

Features to boost your productivity

Automated document matching

Match invoices and credit memos automatically to an existing purchase order, posted receipt, return order, or posted return shipment.

Variance handling

Handle discounts and price adjustments by configuring the matching process to allow for unit price variance on the invoice line.

Matching accuracy

Set up optional matching filters for better matching accuracy, such as item no., quantity, and order no.

Matching overview

Get a clear overview of matched, unmatched, and partially matched documents from one central place.

Automatic order matching directly in your Business Central

Matching your invoices to PO documents is crucial for your company’s cash flow and inventory management, but manually matching documents can be daunting.

Automation can simplify your order-matching process, saving valuable time and reducing errors. With automatic document matching in the Order Matching module, you can let Document Capture perform the matching process for you, whether you’re performing two-way or three-way matching.

Decide if invoices and credit memos should be matched against purchase orders, purchase receipts, or both, and lean back while the software matches one document to many or many to one! The complexity of the matching process can be tailored to your business operations and needs.

Set up customizable matching parameters

Discounts, split shipments, or identical order amounts can all lead to confusion and discrepancies during the matching process. Tailor your document matching process by choosing if documents should be matched based on individual lines or the total amount. You can also set up allowed variances to accommodate discounts and price adjustments.

For even greater accuracy, it's also possible to apply optional matching filters such as order number, item number, and price. Thanks to the flexible matching options, you can tailor the module to the complexity and scale of your operations.

See how it works 

Gain full control with manual matching

To stay in complete control of the order-matching process, you can manually select which documents should be matched against each other. This feature is useful for challenging vendors that might invoice you incorrectly or send you unstructured documents.

With the manual order matching feature, you can freely match an incoming purchase invoice to a list of relevant open purchase orders, giving you complete personal control over the process.

Transform your invoice matching today

With Document Capture's Order Matching module, you receive a robust solution that enhances accuracy, saves time, and simplifies your invoice matching workflow. With an automatic matching system, you can focus your attention on investigating discrepancies and let the software handle the rest.

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