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Safeguard your financial records with Secure Archive

Secure your digital bookkeeping records

Audit-proof your financial archive

Comply with legal requirements

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Secure your digital bookkeeping records

As financial processes are increasingly digitalized, it is imperative to adopt secure systems for digital document storage. Accidental deletions or undesirable modifications can put your company out of compliance with local legislation and lead to serious financial repercussions.

With Secure Archive for Continia Document Capture and Continia Expense Management, you can rest assured that your original bookkeeping files remain intact, compliant, and traceable, from first receipt to final posting and beyond.

Audit-proof your financial archive

Have you ever felt the anxiety of an upcoming audit, knowing your documents might not be in perfect order? Having to search through multiple folders and archives to find your financial records makes audits more stressful than they need to be.

Secure Archive lets you find your documents in seconds and is certified as a trusted audit-compliant storage solution. Better yet, it is fully integrated into your familiar Business Central environment, making logging, archiving, and retrieving a seamless part of your existing workflow.

Key benefits to ease your mind

Secure digital document storage

Your original digital bookkeeping documents are automatically stored and monitored. You’ll be alerted of any modifications or deletions.

Full transparency

Every interaction with your documents is automatically logged, providing a detailed and auditable trail from receipt to final posting and beyond.

Legal compliance

Set up a document retention period that complies with local and international laws, ensuring your archives meet legal standards.

Easy auditing

Access any document quickly and confidently. Secure Archive is certified as a trusted audit-proof solution.

Familiar interface

Secure Archive is seamlessly integrated with Document Capture and Expense Management, using the same Business Central interface that you’re used to.

Comply with legal requirements

Ensure alignment with local legislation by setting up a secure retention period for your archived documents. This feature not only ensures that your documents are stored for the required duration but also notifies you of any unauthorized changes during this period.

The automatic logging function meticulously records each step in the document's lifecycle, offering a transparent and reliable record of your financial activities.

Secure your financial records today

Secure Archive is included with Document Capture and Expense Management. Book a demo today and learn more about how Secure Archive and Continia’s other game-changing features can ease your financial operations! 


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