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Reduce your manual tasks & eliminate errors

Registration errors and disrupted workflows are some of the most time-consuming and frustrating challenges that Accounts Payable teams face. Making minor mistakes during these complex tasks can lead to substantial and sometimes extreme consequences.

Whether you're performing data entry, posting, or retrieval, Continia Document Capture is an AP automation solution that streamlines your manual invoice processing from start to finish. Document Capture takes care of it so you can sit back and relax while you do your work.

Key features that add value to your workday

Data capture

Eliminate tedious and repetitive manual data entry with Document Capture’s intelligent OCR. The software reduces errors and saves you time by recognizing text and placing it in the correct fields in your Business Central.

Order matching

Cut down on your confusion, avoid errors, and ensure consistency with Document Capture's automatic three-way matching. Lean back, take it easy and let the software automatically approve invoices within the variance you allow.

Approval workflow

Chasing down colleagues to approve invoices is a thing of the past. Document Capture provides you with automated workflows, cutting down on approval waiting times. You can review and approve electronic documents – wherever you are.

Digital archive

You don't need to frantically search for paper invoices anymore. Document Capture's digital archive fully indexes and preserves your data, making it easily searchable. You can pull up your entire digital document history in seconds!

Set your team up for success

Add value to your workday with Document Capture and set your team up for success! Our document capture solution is the best Accounts Payable automation software to help you optimize your business processes efficiently, saving you plenty of time and ensuring you can get home on time.

Keep compliant with Continia Delivery Network 

Continia Delivery Network seamlessly integrates with the Peppol eDelivery Network, securely importing your electronic documents, e-invoices, and credit memos into Business Central. Electronic invoicing has never been more accessible. You can receive your e-documents from other companies worldwide directly in your Business Central, helping secure your sensitive information.

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Document Capture - North America webinar
October 04 2023 - 20:00
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Language: English
Document Capture - North America webinar
November 15 2023 - 21:00
2023, Timezone UTC
Language: English

Feature overview

Handle all your purchase invoices and credit memos as PDF or XML files using intelligent OCR technology.
  • Automated setup & configuration
  • OCR recognition
  • Batch processing and registration
  • Fraud check
  • Create invoices and credit memos
  • Handles all XML formats
  • Continia Delivery Network
  • Dedicated email addresses
  • Manual split and merge
  • Configurable templates and fields
  • Full document archive
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Export documents (for audits)
  • Split amounts by dimension
  • Create G/L lines without vendor account
  • Apply deferral codes
  • Check dimensions in registration
  • View embedded PDF files
Order Matching
Match purchase invoices to existing orders, posted receipts, return orders, and posted return shipments. 
  • Automated matching
  • Matching on totals
  • Matching line-by-line
  • Matching overview
  • Add and split order line
  • Variance handling
  • Serial number match
  • Multi-document match
  • Vendor shipment & order number match
Document Approval
Add a wide range of functionalities necessary to handle an end-to-end approval workflow.
  • Web Approval Portal
  • Automated approval
  • Approval flows
  • Approval sharing
  • Four-eyes approval
  • Forcing approval
  • Documents on hold
  • Out of office
  • Forwarding documents
  • Validation
  • Permissions
  • Full audit trails
  • Purchase allocations
  • Intercompany purchases
  • Approve purchase & return orders
  • User-specific approver list
Purchase Contracts
Get an overview of and manage all your purchase contracts
  • Manage recurring costs from one place
  • Register invoice as contract invoice
  • Review contracts
  • Auto-approve recurring invoices
  • Easy overview of renewal dates
  • Email notifications for review
  • History and statistics right at hand
Advanced Capture
Automatically capture and process your incoming documents with intelligent OCR.
  • Line recognition
  • Automatic line calculation
  • Process all document types
  • Automated split and merge
  • Company identification
  • Auto-check line item prices
  • Create & update purchase orders
  • Prepayments
  • Assign item charges

Hear from our customers

Aileen Aherne
Document Capture provides us with an easy and time-saving automated purchase invoicing & approvals process.
Aileen Aherne
Aileen Aherne
Digital Marketing Manager @ Simply Dynamics
Eef Adriaansen
Document Capture has become an indispensable part of the company's day-to-day business, as we process over 1.000 incoming invoices every month.
Eef Adriaansen
Eef Adriaansen
- @ Bouwbedrijf Beneens
Joyce Martens
Document Capture's tight integration with BoCount Dynamics - enabling true automation - was exactly what we were looking for.
Joyce Martens
Joyce Martens
Manager @ BDO, Roeselare
Pieter Vreugdenhil
During our last upgrade, we decided to replace the existing OCR solution with Continia Document Capture. We quickly realized the many capabilities of this embedded NAV software. For example, the ease to search and retrieve documents from within NAV, the ability to link them directly to NAV Dimensions and cost centers, and the configurability to recognize separate lines of the documents. It enabled us to elevate our business processes to the next level.
Pieter Vreugdenhil
Pieter Vreugdenhil
Senior Business Consultant @ Boluda Towage
Anthony Akinpelu
Continia offers a turnkey solution that fully addresses the Purchase to Pay process.
Anthony Akinpelu
Anthony Akinpelu
COO @ Plymouth Diocesan Trust
Lisa Doyle
You need much less time to enter the invoice data, and you are sure the data you have is correct. Regardless of whether you work from home or office, you can instantly get the invoice you are looking for. These are huge benefits.
Lisa Doyle
Lisa Doyle
Finance Manager @ Stema Shipping UK
Don Jenkins
We were looking for something that would actually help start the path to eliminating paper. Having a central way to get every document into our system, and capturing and processing, is really a gamechanger.
Don Jenkins
Don Jenkins
VP of Finance and Tech. @ Mayo Aviation
Gerben Franke
Polaroid is very satisfied with the Document Capture solutions and has grown from <150 to >300 employees over the past five years. The number of invoices we receive has also increased significantly. But thanks to Document Capture, easy to handle and learn, we were able to handle the huge influx of invoices without hiring extra additional staff for these positions. Which means our team works smarter, not harder.
Gerben Franke
Gerben Franke
Global ERP Manager @ Polaroid
Tristan Nardini
The most beneficial thing about Document Capture has been reducing the paperwork and making our processes fully digital. The whole approval process is integrated within Business Central. From a user perspective, our approvers have saved so much time in decision-making. It’s very easy to use.
Tristan Nardini
Tristan Nardini
Accountant @ Hat Trick Productions
Tatiana Riquelme
You are not only saving paper but also finding documents in no time.
Tatiana Riquelme
Tatiana Riquelme
- @ Limonar de Santomera
Mónica Alegre
Finding and viewing invoices has never been so easy.
Mónica Alegre
Mónica Alegre
- @ Antonio LLUSAR y CÍA., S.L.U.
Juanber Ferris
It is much more efficient and straightforward to obtain the documentation required by financial auditors.
Juanber Ferris
Juanber Ferris
- @ Albenfruit

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