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Track employee spending in real-time 

Reporting, claiming, and approving expenses is time-consuming. It's crippling your productivity and has you hunched over your keyboard. Dealing with physical receipts, manual data entry, and reconciliation leaves space for errors and frustration.  

Continia Expense Management gives you a real-time overview of employee spending. Employees can upload their receipts through the expense management app, Continia Expense App, or the Continia Expense Portal, allowing immediate visibility and quicker processing.

Key features that add value to your workday

Credit card transactions

Automatically importing credit card transactions makes it easy to handle and reconcile credit card transactions as this solution integrates with major credit card providers. If a receipt is missing for a credit card transaction, the system automatically creates an incomplete expense report, sending it off to the user with a reminder.


Logging mileage is often a guessing game - busy employees forget or altogether skip it and try to recreate the log from memory. Employees can create mileage routes easily using the Expense App or Expense Portal to ensure correct reimbursement.

Per Diem

Travelling can become expensive quickly. With Expense Management, you can easily calculate daily allowances for accommodation and meals. Employees can send expense reports through the Expense App or Expense Portal, specifying travel periods, accommodation, and daily meals.

AI Receipt Scanner

Eliminate manual data entry with Expense Management’s intelligent OCR. The software reduces errors and saves you time by recognizing text from your receipt and placing it in the correct fields for you in the Expense App.

Approval workflow

Expense Management sends your expense report to the correct flow, reducing approval waiting times and speeding up reimbursements. You can review and approve documents – wherever you are.

Secure archive

Eliminate the hassles of handling paper. Securely store, index, and preserve your data, ensuring the integrity of your original documents while maintaining compliance. Track each document's journey from receipt to final bookkeeping entry for complete visibility and pull up your history in seconds! Recognized and certified in Germany as a trusted, audit-proof archiving solution.

Say goodbye to paper!

By eliminating paper, you help preserve our planet. You speed up employee reimbursement times and get a real-time overview of employee spending. Using intelligent OCR in the Expense App, you can snap and save a picture of your receipt, fill out the details, and submit your expense report – hassle-free!

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Expense Management - North America webinar
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2024, Timezone UTC
Language: English

Feature overview


Basic functionality to handle expenses. You need to add the number of Expense Users.
  • Submit & approve expenses
  • Mobile Expense App for iOS and Android
  • AI receipt scanning
  • Notifications in the Mobile Expense App
  • Approval workflow
  • Edit approved documents
  • Business vendor posting
  • Create expense reports
  • Pre-approval of expense reports
  • Attach a receipt as image or PDF
  • Configurable fields
  • Automatic archive
  • Create templates
  • Visible VAT amount
  • In-app introduction videos
  • In-app notifications
  • Autozoom in BC add-in
  • Autofill in the Mobile Expense App and Expense Portal
  • VAT/sales tax input from Expense users
  • Secure Archive
  • Continia Hub
  • Auto-allocations using distribution codes

Credit Card Transactions

Credit card related transactions are imported into Dynamics Business Central.
  • Credit card integration
  • Automatic matching
  • Auto-generate expenses
  • Reminders
  • Agreement activation flow


Includes the functionality for travelers for handling mileage expenses on the go.
  • Available everywhere
  • Expense App notifications
  • Google Maps integration
  • Add via point to mileage
  • View mileage and route
  • Capture location
  • Create template
  • VAT calculation

Per Diem

Per diem is a daily amount to cover meal and lodging expenses for a traveling employee. 
  • Available everywhere
  • Expense App notifications
  • Calculate daily budget
  • Rate setup & calculation
  • Exchange rates
  • Daily allowance
  • Create templates

Purchase Contracts

Get an overview of and manage all your purchase contracts
  • Manage recurring costs from one place
  • Review contracts
  • Auto-approve recurring expenses
  • Easy overview of renewal dates
  • Email notifications for review
  • History and statistics right at hand

Hear from our customers

Aileen Aherne
With Expense Management, we now have a super-fast and simple expense process to submit, approve, and go! The travel expenses experience has never been better!
Aileen Aherne
Aileen Aherne
Digital Marketing Manager @ Simply Dynamics
Don Jenkins
Expense Management is a great advantage to our company. It is much more intuitive than any other product we've used in the past. It's such a huge time-saver for us, allowing us to capture documents, go fully digital, and eliminate the need for paper. The fact the solution is built inside Business Central made our lives so much easier, as our pilots were able to adopt the solution in no time.
Don Jenkins
Don Jenkins
VP of Finance and Tech @ Mayo Aviation
Monique Jaqqam
I think it's a lot more fun for people to put in their travel expenses than before, which has largely improved getting a grip (on our finances).
Monique Jaqqam
Monique Jaqqam
CFO @ Basecamp

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