Payment Management

Seamless payment services provider experience 

Manage your incoming payments from third-party payment service providers and e-commerce marketplaces directly in your Business Central

Save time with your receivables

Integrated communication with third-party PSPs

Easily match sales orders to e-payments

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Software to handle data from your payment processors

Right now, you’re probably using a third-party service provider or other payment processors to accept electronic payments from credit cards or debit cards in your webshop. It’s about time to collect that data in your Business Central.

Save time in your accounts receivable processes

Keep track of electronic customer payments and get a clear overview of all your customer's transactions and associated fees from third-party payment service providers. With the Payment Service Provider module in Payment Management, you can effortlessly match sales orders to your customer’s e-payments.

Benefits of integrated communication with PSPs

  • Handle electronic customer payments through a third-party provider
  • Get all information regarding the customer payments in one file
  • Handle fees & commissions accurately and efficiently
  • Access to payment data from marketplaces and third-party payment providers
  • Predefined templates with all transaction types for Payment Service Providers
  • Work with payments in the cash receipt journal
  • Easy match from external payment reference

How does it work?

With the Payment Service Providers module in Payment Management, you can import customer payment files from your preferred payment service providers and e-commerce marketplaces directly into the cash receipt journal in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Watch this video to see the full process! 

Effortlessly match the data

Once the files are imported, and all lines are loaded into the cash receipt journal, you can effortlessly match sales orders to your customers’ e-payments.

Each line is easily matched using the external payment reference on the customer ledger entry or split into different accounts based on the payment service provider templates. This will save you a lot of time matching the huge number of entries and lines on the files.

Supported payment service providers

At the moment, we support the following payment service providers and e-commerce marketplaces:

✔️ Amazon

✔️ Paypal

✔️ Klarna

✔️ Adyen

✔️ Mollie


We're continuously working on supporting even more payment service providers.

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