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Continia Reskill: Driving you forward

Finding specialized talent in the Business Central ecosystem is a serious problem that many companies face. This talent gap negatively affects operational efficiency and overall customer satisfaction, reducing opportunities for expansion, innovation, and revenue.

At Continia, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve. Part of that is addressing the demand for qualified talent and contributing to the development of skilled professionals who can drive future innovation in our industry.

As a trusted ISV Partner, we're proud to be a part of Microsoft's BC Talent program. To respond to the talent scarcity in our industry, we've created comprehensive and user-friendly course material. Continia's learning resources ensure that next-generation talent has the tools necessary to succeed in their role.

How does it work?

Recruit your talent

Attract and recruit top talent with unique or industry-specific skills beyond the Business Central ecosystem. With Continia's reskilling program, recruits can feel confident in your company's dedication to their professional growth.

Train your new hires

Set your new employees up for success with Continia's extensive online training and e-learning. They can easily access comprehensive and user-friendly course material to achieve their required certifications.

Refine with direct coaching

We support your new talent's development with personal coaching and knowledge-sharing at community events. This boosts employee satisfaction and ensures the ongoing development of their new skills.

What is Microsoft's Reskill initiative?

Microsoft's Reskill initiative is a visionary program designed to equip individuals from diverse backgrounds with the expertise required to excel in the Business Central ecosystem.

The initiative offers a unique opportunity for career transformation and growth, focusing on retraining individuals with industry-specific or specialized skills from outside the Business Central ecosystem.

For more information, visit the Microsoft BC Talent page.


Reskilling with Continia

Continia's reskill curriculum delivers targeted training in Continia's solutions. Participants will benefit from specialized sessions led by our qualified instructors. We equip participants with the expertise needed to become certified users through a blend of online training, e-learning, and practical assignments. You can choose between the following three learning paths. 

Document Capture
Transform your purchase-to-pay process with seamless e-invoicing, automated data entry, and advanced order matching.

Expense Management
Go paperless and simplify your expense reporting with AI-driven receipt scanning for easy, intuitive employee submissions.

Document Output
Automate your document distribution and customize your emails and documents for efficient communication—the possibilities are endless.

Why we're involved

Bridge the talent gap

The Business Central community's rapid growth has outpaced the supply of skilled professionals. We're here to close that gap by providing comprehensive training that meets the industry's current and future needs.

Empower career development

We provide the tools and resources necessary for our trainees to become skilled professionals in Continia's solutions. Whether they're looking to change industries or broaden their skill set, we provide the expertise needed to take the next steps.

Boost growth & innovation

Securing specialized talent and cultivating innovation is key to staying competitive. We equip recruits with premier learning resources, enhancing their service capabilities and driving your business success. With fresh perspectives come innovation, creativity, and progress.

Elevate your team with Continia

Join our learning program today and invest in the growth of your employees and the future of your organization.

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