Payment Management

Gain better insight into your company's cash flow

Optimize your cash flow management

Automate your payment processes

Maintain a good relationship with your recipients

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Optimize your cash flow management

Connect your bank to your Business Central with the best online payment solution, Continia Payment Management. Quickly access all information about your company's cash flow directly from Business Central without logging into your online bank. 

Complete your Accounts Payable payment process. With Payment Management, you can automate your invoice payment process for faster payments and easier bank account reconciliations. Benefits include:  

  • User-friendly: BUILT INSIDE your Business Central for the same way-of-working 
  • Quick access: Complete your payment process without leaving Business Central 
  • One payment journal: Handle all payments to different bank accounts and currencies from the same payment journal 

CFO benefits

Streamline your cash flow management in your Business Central  

As a CFO, you face complex challenges, such as cash flow management, financial reporting, and expense reduction. Connect your Business Central directly to your bank to get a quick overview of your company cash flow and access organized data for reports and fiscal closes.  

You can also easily access your digital archive containing previous payments. This access allows you to make informed and strategic decisions to predict next year's cash flow.   

Benefits include:  

  • Reduced costs: Automated data entry reduces errors and labor costs  
  • Improved accuracy: Reduced errors ensure the accuracy of your company's financial records   
  • Better security: Automated payments protect your company against fraud and data breaches  
  • Increased visibility: Better control over payment processes allows for better tracking and management   
  • Improved cash flow: Automating the payment process reduces the risk of missed payments

Bookkeeper benefits

Automate your financial management in your Business Central 

As a bookkeeper, you know that staying organized, timely, and accurate is key to financial management. Payment errors and slow and inefficient processing are some of the biggest challenges bookkeepers face in Accounts Payable.  

With Payment Management, you can connect your Business Central directly to your bank. You can easily access all financial data, including an overview of cash flow and the digital archive of previous payments. 

Benefits include: 

  • Reduced errors: Streamlined data entry ensures that you save time and reduces the risk of rejected and missed payments 
  • Lower costs: Summarize your payments to a single recipient to avoid multiple banking fees 
  • Faster payments: Handle all your payments from your Business Central 
  • Automatic reconciliation: Statement Intelligence automatically reconciles account statements during the import process 
  • Direct communication: Send your payments, receive bank statements and status updates, and automatically import your files securely 

Recipient benefits

Maintain a good relationship with your recipients

You want to maintain a good relationship with your company's customers, vendors, and employees. To do so, you want to ensure that you don't miss essential payments and pay your recipients the correct amount. With Payment Management, you can ensure your recipients are happy with quick and reliable payments.   

Benefits include: 

  • Improved accuracy: Your recipient will receive the correct amount every time – no need to rectify it 
  • Faster payments: With quicker processing, your recipient will have a shorter waiting time from notification to payment 

Your automated payment process in 6 steps

1. Create payment suggestion

Payment Management automatically creates a payment suggestion in your Payment Journal once your invoice is processed for payment.

2. Validate payment

Payment Management validates the entered payment information, notifying you about any incorrect or missing information.

3. Approve payment

Your payment is sent for approval. You can approve lines individually or in batches or it's automatically approved if it's under a set amount limit.

4. Send payment to bank

You send your payment to the bank. Once exported, you get instant status updates about your payment.

5. Notify recipient

Once the bank fully processes your payment, you can send an email notification to your recipient.

6. Post paid payment lines

Once your payment is completed, you can post the paid payment lines into your Payment Journal.

Automate your payment processes today!

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Read more about Payment Management