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Your automated invoice process with OCR

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Handle your Accounts Payable in a few clicks

The Accounts Payable (AP) process is crucial for businesses to manage their financial transactions accurately and efficiently. However, it can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially when dealing with a high volume of invoices. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is a solution to this problem.

Document Capture's OCR technology automates invoice processing, reducing the risks related to manual processes, such as typing errors, payment delays, missing invoices, and fraud.

With automated data extraction, Document Capture's OCR reduces the number of errors caused by tedious and repetitive manual data entry, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Benefits of Document Capture's intelligent OCR

Reduced costs

OCR reduces your company's overall expenses, such as hiring more employees, printing, shipping, copying, etc.

Reduced errors

Automated data extraction reduces the number of errors caused by tedious and repetitive manual data entry.

Higher productivity

OCR reduces the time spent on manual data entry, helping streamline your workflow and increasing your turnover.

Easier access

OCR turns all the scanned data into machine-readable text, making it easier to store and find your fiscal documents as needed in your digital archive.

Better security

OCR automates the data input process, minimizing human interaction and access to sensitive data so your company can avoid document fraud.

Sit back with automated data capture

Continia Document Capture's OCR engine automatically captures and processes your invoices so that you can sit back, relax, and focus on more value-adding tasks.

Automatically capture, import, and register your invoices with Document Capture's OCR technology, which can handle various document types. OCR automates the data input process, minimizing human interaction and access to sensitive data so your company can avoid document fraud.

You only need to enter the vendor's information once. Document Capture also guides you through the vendor creation process, automatically identifying the correct information for you. All future documents from them will be recognized during OCR processing, helping save time, minimize risk, and eliminate errors. 

Your automated invoice process with OCR

1. You receive your invoice

Your electronic invoice (PDF) is automatically sent to your Business Central. You can also scan paper invoices using a network scanner.

2. OCR captures the data

OCR automatically captures the data during import into your Business Central and turns it into machine-readable text.

3. The document is imported

You then import the invoice into the document journal, where you can access it and begin to work on it.

4. The document is registered

To convert all captured information into a business entity in Business Central, you register the document.

5. An invoice is created

The invoice is automatically generated using the recognized information from the document.

Seamlessly import your documents

To work with your documents in Document Capture, you must import them into the system, which can be done by receiving them through various methods:

  • Email (PDF and XML)
  • A network scanner or desktop scanner (paper)
  • The Continia Delivery Network (XML)

All relevant information is automatically transferred to the corresponding fields in Business Central, making it fast and efficient to register your incoming documents.

The information captured depends on the specific type of document, e.g., a purchase invoice, a sales order, a contract, an item certificate, a customer statement, and so on. No matter the document type, you can manage and process them all in the same place – the document journal.

Invoices in XML format already contain all the necessary information and don’t require any OCR processing – you can simply import these and go.

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Streamline your AP process with the power of OCR

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