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Automate your document distribution and customize your emails and documents for efficient communication – the limits are endless.


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Automated document distribution in a few clicks

Manually sending and printing your documents is an error-prone and time-consuming process - you can lose an overview of your outgoing documents quickly. You could also accidentally send a document containing sensitive information to the wrong company!

Continia Document Output is a time-saving digital file output management software solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users. It reduces your complicated manual processes – helping you manage all your outgoing files and keep an overview of all sent and drafted documents.

Key features that add value to your workday

Personalize your emails

Customize your outgoing emails with time-limited email signatures for seasonal greetings or special promotions. You can also extract data from posted documents directly into your emails.

Flexible PDF customization

Easily create customized PDFs by adding background images to align with your brand. Protect them from document tampering with password protection or authenticate them with signatures and watermarks.

Create targeted email templates

Easily set up email template variations based on recipient attributes. You can automatically apply the variant using dimensions, such as customer type or language.

Send emails in the background

Efficiently send scheduled emails without interrupting your workflow. Your emails will be sent in the background, ensuring you don’t experience system interruptions while performing other tasks.

Automate your email distribution

Automate your document output by setting up email jobs to auto-detect and queue new documents for distribution. With pre-configured email templates, Report Selection, and PDF features, you can minimize user intervention for a streamlined communication process.

Extended customization options

Easily integrate key functionalities, such as email, template design, and distribution automation anywhere in your Business Central. With the AL Extension Builder, you can extend any standard or custom-made module with time-saving Document Output features.

Keep compliant with Continia Delivery Network

Continia Delivery Network seamlessly integrates with the Peppol eDelivery Network for secure document distribution of your invoices and credit memos from Document Output. With Continia Delivery Network, you can send your e-documents to other companies worldwide directly from Business Central, helping you stay compliant and secure your sensitive information.

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Feature overview


Basic functionality in Document Output.
  • Recipient setup
  • Merge Fields
  • Signatures
  • Campaigns
  • Header and line attachments
  • Merge Tables
  • PDF Merge
  • PDF password-protect
  • PDF sign
  • PDF background
  • Log
  • Document Output Service
  • Continia Delivery Network
  • Email jobs
  • Automation in background
  • Email templates
  • Send remittance advice
  • Extension App Builder
  • Continia Hub

Hear from our customers

 Tristan Nardini
Within the TV industry that Hat Trick Productions operates, the number of remittance advice to send out monthly is huge, and handling them has been a hassle. With Document Output, we click a button: Document Output automatically distributes all payment notifications and other documents directly from Business Central. It is as simple as that, it’s a huge time-saver, and our people love it!
 Tristan Nardini
Tristan Nardini
Accountant @ Hat Trick Productions
Laura Gilbank
If a customer has a high volume of documents, we always include Continia products in the offering. It’s a no-brainer and has pure value: the customer gets to see the savings right away.
Laura Gilbank
Laura Gilbank
Business Development Manager @ Columbus UK
Ross Jones
Document Output is the one solution we don‘t debate with the customer about: we include this in the standard and implement it with every single customer installation. It is super easy to implement and get trained on, and yet it removes such a hassle and burden from customer site: you don‘t want to delay the benefits customer receives by using it
Ross Jones
Ross Jones
Partner @ Avanade

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