Continia Delivery Network

Exchange e-documents securely from inside your Business Central

Keep compliant with e-invoicing

Digitalization is gaining traction faster than ever before. Adopting a digitalized workplace means that many companies are saying goodbye to paper and paper invoicing. However, with great technology comes great responsibility.

Governments are enforcing new e-invoicing regulations to keep up with security risks, and companies are struggling to stay compliant. Continia Delivery Network can help you exchange your e-documents securely and keep compliant.  

Connect to the Peppol eDelivery Network

Continia is a Certified Peppol Service Provider. Continia Delivery Network is built inside Continia Document Capture and Continia Document Output, enabling you to exchange electronic invoices securely through the Peppol eDelivery Network. Once connected to the Peppol network, you can access other connected organizations instantly.

Exchange your documents securely

Through the Continia Delivery Network, you can send and receive e-invoices and other e-documents in the correct format - from inside your Business Central. 

This connection enables you to communicate directly with any customer or partner connected to the Peppol eDelivery Network. You can also convert your e-documents to the Peppol format and securely send them to all your trading partners.  

Supported formats

Document Capture

  • UBL
  • Finvoice
  • Xrechnung
  • Xinvoice
  • FacturaE

Document Output

  • XRechnung
  • Svefaktura 2.0
  • Factur-x