Digitalize your accounting processes

Digitalize with innovative solutions to create your modern finance department

Automate your Accounts Payable processes

Streamline your document distribution

Handle your payments securely

Manage your employee expenses electronically

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Digitally transform your finance team

In an increasingly technological world, it's crucial that you embrace digitalization to improve your finance processes and keep your competitive edge in the market. 

Start embracing digital transformation and eliminate your repetitive manual tasks with solutions that are BUILT INSIDE your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With Continia solutions, you get an automated workflow that handles all your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Expense Management processes. Digitalizing these workflows correctly increases your turnover, ensuring you get a quicker return on investment.

Continia's BUILT INSIDE solutions are: 

  • Built into your Business Central
  • Easy and cheap to install, set up, and maintain
  • Intuitive and quick to learn

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Digitalize these processes with Continia

Eliminate manual typing - automate your AP processes

Save time manually entering data from your pile of invoices into Business Central. Digitalize your AP workflow and replace your physical invoices with e-documents. 

Continia Document Capture's intelligent OCR automatically processes, registers, and imports your e-documents into your Business Central - ensuring all details are correct and your invoice is ready for further processing.

AP automation in 5 simple steps

Save time and money

Boost your profits and save valuable time with efficient processes and increased turnover.

Paperless processes

Say goodbye to paper! Your entire invoice process is paper-free as all incoming documents are digital.

No delays

No more waiting for snail mail to settle your payables - receive and process your invoices immediately!

Digital archive

With full-text searchable data, you can retrieve your posted invoices from your digital archive within seconds.

Improve your email processes with automated document distribution

Automatically create and send your outgoing invoices or overdue payment reminders electronically. Automating your document distribution workflow ensures you stay on top of your sent and drafted emails.

Continia Document Output ensures you get a clear overview of all your outgoing emails - you always know what you sent to whom and when.

By automating your document distribution, you can:

  • Speed up the invoicing process so you can get paid on time
  • Send out automatic reminders to customers
  • Send your invoices in a couple of clicks

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Handle all your outgoing payments securely

Connect your Business Central to your bank to ensure safe and secure payments to your employees, vendors, and customers.

With Continia Payment Management, you can get a clear overview of all your payments and pay directly from your Business Central. By digitalizing your payment process, you can save time with reduced errors and automatic reconciliations.

Pay your vendors securely

One payment journal

Handle all payments from different bank accounts and in foreign currencies from one journal.

Summarize payments

Summarize all your payments to one recipient to avoid paying multiple transaction fees.

Quick approvals

Approve payments from inside your Business Central before exporting them to the bank.

Keep updated

Get a real-time payment status to see where in the process your payment is.

Handle your employee expenses electronically

With Continia Expense Management, you can submit your employee expenses, such as travel, per diem, and mileage, through the Continia Expense App on your smartphone or Continia Expense Portal in your browser. 

Simply take a picture of your receipt, let intelligent OCR capture the information, fill in the details, and submit. The expenses are automatically imported into Business Central and matched with the correct credit card transactions.

By automating your Expense Management, you can:

  • Submit your expenses on the go from anywhere
  • Get immediate visibility for a complete overview of employee spending
  • Automatically reconcile your credit card transactions with your reported expenses

Digitalize your employee spending

The perfect fit

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