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Simplify your payment process & avoid errors  

Manually processing incoming payments and proposals is time-consuming and tedious at best. Typing out your bank statements and payment advice is also inefficient and error-prone, making it challenging to adhere to compliance guidelines.

With an online payment solution such as OPplus, you save time, avoid manual work and increase productivity in your company by processing your incoming and outgoing bank payments efficiently. You can easily keep track of your liquidity with an overview of all your open and closed entries in each General Ledger, customer, or vendor account.

Key features that add value to your workday 

Import & export payments

Save time and avoid errors by importing your bank statements and payment advice directly into your Business Central. Reconcile open postings automatically and have recurring postings automatically assigned by account rules. Generate payment proposals and payments in one step, regardless of file format and payment type.

G/L open entries

Clear your accounts easily by building your open entries and posting them on your General Ledger accounts in open item mode. This feature simplifies bank account reconciliation, such as transitory entries or accrued income and prepaid expenses. As with debtors and creditors, you can print retroactive open entries reports.

Extended lists & reports

Meet your auditing requirements effortlessly. Provide your auditor with a complete list of the open item clearing history and close date-related open item lists according to their requirements. You can also get an overview of your customer's transaction history to determine payment morale.

Trial Balance & VAT

Create a VAT advance return file for a tax group at the click of a button. Checking the tax items beforehand is also clear and simple. Numerous helpful adjustments in the account schemes also solve issues such as the correct tipping account display.

Extended fixed assets

Standard asset accounting becomes more efficient as you can round your book values by automatically adjusting depreciation amounts. You can also save time by posting quantities on your assets and partially retire them.

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Feature overview

Payment Import

Import your bank statements and payment advice across all companies.
  • Import your documents
  • Settle your open entries
  • Payment provider integration
  • Flexible setup opportunities
  • Import via CSV-ports

Payment Export

Generate payment proposals and payments in one step, regardless of file format and payment type.
  • Payment proposals
  • Payment file customization
  • Payments without posted entries
  • Easy handling of SEPA direct debit mandates
  • Payments from various customers/vendors
  • Included standard reports
  • Individual possibilities to adjust payment proposals
  • Configurable international payment transactions
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