Free up your time with procure-to-pay automation

Benefits of procure-to-pay automation

OPplus & Payment Management features you'll love

Modernize your purchase-to-pay process

You quickly fall behind the competition with outdated purchase-to-pay (or procure-to-pay) processes. Efficiency standards aren’t met, which results in higher costs for your company. Additionally, lengthy processing times lead to delayed payments, hurting your relationship with your vendors.

With Document Capture and OPplus, you can automate your purchase and payment processes directly from your Business Central. An automated workflow allows you to easily standardize your P2P process and increase visibility across your purchasing cycle.

Procure-to-pay process automation benefits

  • Reduce the amount of time and effort required to complete each step  
  • Ensure accuracy with automated data entry and validation checks  
  • Automatically approve invoices under a certain limit
  • Speed up invoice and payment processing times with automatic processes  
  • Save costs by improving the overall efficiency of your purchase to payment process

Your automated procure-to-pay process flow

1. Identify your needs

Based on upcoming projects, events, inventory, and other factors, your company identifies a need for a product, service, etc. You define the need specifications and select a supplier.

2. Create a purchase order

Once your purchase requisition is approved, you create a purchase order. Ensuring all the details are correct, you send it off to the vendor for confirmation.

3. Receive your order

Once the order is received in your warehouse, your invoice is imported into Business Central. Document Capture's intelligent OCR captures and extracts the data, removing the need for manual data entry.

4. Match your invoice

Document Capture registers your invoice, which is reconciled with automatic three-way matching. Your invoice is compared and matched with the corresponding purchase order and receipt if there are no inconsistencies.

5. Approve your invoice

Your invoice is sent to the appropriate workflow for approval by one or more approvers. It's then posted before you pay your vendor

6. Process payment proposals

OPplus Payment Export allows you to create a payment proposal based on due documents where you can check the payment information and payment details. You can also view the approved documents and even access the original document from Document Capture.

7. Pay your vendor

Once the payment proposal has been processed and checked, you can send the payment to your bank. After transferring the payment to the banking program, it can be approved there. Afterwards, the payment proposal just needs to be posted and the documents are completed.

Document Capture features you'll love

  • Reduce manual typing and eliminate errors with intelligent OCR
  • Ensure consistency with automatic three-way matching
  • Cut down on waiting times with a full approval workflow
  • Get a clear overview of your contracts and save time managing them
  • Pull up documents in seconds with a fully indexed digital archive

OPplus features you'll love

  • Connection of payment providers for direct communication with your bank
  • Handle multiple payment formats (e.g. SEPA, ISO) in one payment proposal
  • Streamline your incoming payment process with automated account assignment and reconciliation
  • Recurring payments are automatically posted using account assignment rules
  • In addition to bank statement files, other payment providers can also be imported and processed

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