Exchange your e-documents securely

Protect your company data and increase your document security and validity by exchanging all your important data via electronic documents.

Exchanging your e-documents with Document Capture 

Sending your e-invoices with Document Output 

Connecting to the Continia Delivery Network

Navigating the complexities of invoicing

Feeling the pressure of falling behind in the complex world of invoicing? It's a common struggle. Errors, delays, and the constant race to comply with evolving regulations can really take a toll. These inefficiencies can eat into profits and strain business relationships, amplifying the agitation further.

Companies worldwide are embracing digital processes for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability. At the forefront of this transformation is e-invoicing, revolutionizing traditional practices and setting new standards for modern businesses.

Exchange your e-documents efficiently with Continia

Continia's solutions and the Continia Delivery Network ensure you can streamline your invoicing process, allowing you to efficiently manage, send, and receive your e-documents* - directly from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

By embracing electronic invoicing with Continia, you minimize errors and delays and ensure compliance with the latest regulations. Using standard e-invoicing formats like Peppol BIS (XML) guarantees your sensitive data remains encrypted and secure, helping you tick all the boxes when it comes to data and e-invoicing laws. 

*The term “electronic documents” or “e-documents” refers to orders, dispatch advices, goods receipt notes, invoices, credit memos and payment notifications.    

E-invoicing with Document Capture

Continia Document Capture is a centralized solution for managing, processing, and exchanging electronic documents in your Business Central, reducing manual errors and streamlining your workflows. By automating the procure-to-pay process, you can enjoy seamless e-invoicing and ensure full compliance with EU and local regulations.

With Document Capture, you can receive all your e-documents directly into your Business Central and efficiently process all your invoices before payment. The eDocuments feature takes this a step further by enabling you to send your electronic documents too, ensuring flexibility, global compatibility, and hassle-free document revisions and submissions.

Benefits of e-invoicing with Document Capture

Immediate delivery

Exchange your e-invoices and other e-documents via the Continia Delivery Network within seconds of you or your vendor clicking send.

Secure data exchange

Safely exchange your e-invoices as encrypted files via secure connections, such as Peppol, to protect yourself against document tampering and lost or damaged invoices.

Automatic visual rendering

XML and other e-documents are automatically rendered for viewing during the registration process, so you can view them just like your digital documents.

Easily view e-document status

Keep an overview of your e-document's entire history. All activities are automatically logged, providing details, such as whether the document was accepted, changed, rejected, failed validation, etc.

Data is always correct

As you exchange your invoice data electronically, you can be sure that your Business Central always receives and processes the correct data during import.

Hassle-free edits and submissions

If an outgoing document fails validation, the user-friendly environment ensures you can efficiently correct data and submit revised documents without any complications.

Continia eDocuments: Seamless ordering and billing

Continia eDocuments streamlines two key business processes into two efficient flows: ordering and billing.

The customer initiates an order by sending a purchase request. The vendor receives this order, reviews it, and can either accept it, suggest adjustments, or reject it. This process ensures that both parties are on the same page before finalizing the order. 

After the order is fulfilled, the vendor sends an invoice. The customer reviews this invoice to ensure accuracy and can either approve it for payment, raise queries if discrepancies are found, or reject it if necessary. This system ensures a transparent and accurate billing process. 

Digitalizing these processes means that as soon as an order or invoice is received, it's automatically entered into your system, checked for accuracy, and matched against purchase orders or delivery receipts. This dual flow significantly enhances efficiency, compliance, and accuracy across the purchase-to-pay process. 

"We successfully reduced the workload in our finance department by implementing Document Capture. The number of suppliers we deal with every month is large. The solution efficiently manages the incoming invoices, freeing up our finance team to focus on more critical tasks, and bringing mutual trust between us and our vendors. We highly recommend the solution for everyone struggling with managing incoming invoices manually."  

Dr. Alireza Borhani, Global Digitalization Officer 
Nøsted & 

E-invoicing with Document Output 

Continia Document Output is a time-saving document distribution solution, which streamlines the process of sending business documents, such as invoices, order confirmations, and reports, directly from your Business Central. It automates the customization and distribution of documents, ensuring they reach recipients quickly and securely in their preferred format. 

Efficiently handle your e-documents like you handle your PDFs. With Document Output, you can send your e-documents, such as e-invoices and credit memos, directly from your ERP system to another. You can easily access and track your electronic documents.

You can also view status, delivery, and preview the XML files and original files, enabling you to have complete visibility over your document flow. This solution not only ensures strict compliance with the latest global e-invoicing standards but also secures your sensitive information and peace of mind.  

Benefits of e-invoicing with Document Output

Immediate delivery

Your e-invoices and other e-documents are delivered immediately via the Continia Delivery Network once you've clicked send.

Handle everything digitally

Skip the hassle of manually printing or emailing invoices—e-invoicing ensures everything is kept secure and traceable online.

Complete overview

You always have a complete and real-time overview of the documents you've sent out - no more sending the same invoice twice to your customers.

Secure data exchange

Safely send your e-invoices as encrypted files through the Continia Delivery Network and protect yourself against document tampering and lost or damaged invoices.

Efficient and cost-effective

Creating and sending your electronic invoices is much more efficient and cost-effective as it's done automatically from your Business Central.

"Within the TV industry that Hat Trick Productions operates, the number of remittance advice we send out monthly is huge, and handling them has been a hassle. With Document Output, we just click a button. Document Output automatically distributes all payment notifications and other documents directly from Business Central. It is as simple as that, it’s a huge time-saver, and our people love it!" 

Tristan Nardini, Accountant
Hat Trick Productions 

Continia Delivery Network

Continia Delivery Network seamlessly integrates with electronic data exchange networks, such as the Peppol eDelivery Network and NemHandel, for secure exchange of your electronic documents directly from your Business Central  

Open your business up to opportunities and become a preferred supplier. With Continia Delivery Network, you can exchange your e-documents with other companies worldwide, ensuring you don't lose out on global business opportunities because you can’t meet potential customers’ e-invoicing needs. 

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