BUILT INSIDE: 4 reasons it makes your life easier

Navigating financial management can be a daunting task, especially when working across multiple systems. The complexity and time lost in switching between various applications not only fuels frustration but also escalates labor costs. But there’s another way, that will provide:

A cheaper installation process

Ease of maintenance

Immediate use

One point of contact - your Dynamics partner


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Solutions that are BUILT INSIDE Business Central are fully embedded in your existing platform, easy to implement, and cheaper to maintain.

Continia’s unique BUILT INSIDE approach is designed to make your life as simple and efficient as possible when working in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV. When we say BUILT INSIDE, we mean that the work of the financial department should be focused in one place: your ERP system.

Continia's solutions are built on existing Business Central technology. This means that Continia works right within your Business central interface, extending the standard functionality. This means you can streamline your financial workflows with no more delays!

The integration is the cornerstone of Continia's solutions, enhancing your workflow inside Business Central and allowing you say goodbye to the clutter of third-party apps. Having extra features and tools shouldn’t mean that you change and complicate your workflow. Continia’s solutions are available right where you already handle most of your daily bookkeeping and finance tasks – no need to switch between platforms and software. That’s the true spirit of BUILT INSIDE.

1. Cheaper installation process

Compared to external installations, our solutions are built inside the Business Central platform - reducing the complexity and time spent on the implementation process.

This eliminates the potential hassle of getting incompatible solutions to work together, providing you with a solution that saves you money and time on the acquisition and setup process.

2. Use it right away

Our add-on solutions build on the existing Business Central platform, meaning you can start using it immediately after installation.

Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and resources on getting to know a new user interface. You benefit immediately as your user interfaces and way of working remain the same as the interface you already know from NAV or Business Central.

3. One point of contact - your Dynamics partner

Third-party solutions often involve more external providers for the solution and the integration. As the technology in our solutions is the same as in Business Central, your existing Microsoft Dynamics Partner can implement and support these too.

Knowing you and your organization, your partner can provide you with the add-on solutions and any assistance you might need during acquisition and setup.

4. Easy to maintain

As the solutions are built directly inside Business Central, they are easier to maintain. We update our solutions around the same time that Microsoft releases its updates for Business Central.

You can be certain that your solutions will always be up-to-date.

Continia Software knows Microsoft

Solutions that are BUILT INSIDE Business Central are fully embedded in your existing platform, easy to implement, and cheaper to maintain - without the need to establish further integration between the Microsoft platform and a Continia Software solution. To reduce the complexity of the implementation process, we simply build extra functionality into the already existing solution.

This is a great alternative to an external third-party solution, that works with – but not within – Business Central, often leading to the need to connect more suppliers and external partners. With Continia, you work with people and systems you already know, saving you both time and money.