Connect your Online bank to your Business Central

Optimize the payment processes in your Finance Team!

Are you constantly manually uploading and downloading files in your online bank? By connecting your Business Central with your bank through Continia Payment Management, you can pay your vendors, match customer payments, and reconcile your statements directly from Business Central without having to log into your online bank.


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Benefits for Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper

✔️ You can automatically match invoice number with customer number, which means that you don’t have to waste hours on manual reconciliation.

✔️ If any information is missing on the customer’s deposit, then you can easily search for anything on the document like a name etc. to locate and match the invoice with the correct customer payment.

Benefits for Accounts Payable Bookkeeper

✔️ You’re always updated on the status of your payment – whether it's processing or completed.

✔️ All of your outgoing payments get a Unique Payment Reference that accompanies the payment to the bank and back to your Business Central. Your payments and reconciliations become faster and more correct.

Benefit for CFO

✔️ It’s easier for you to get an overview of cash flow and corporate spending while accessing organized data for reports and fiscal closes.

✔️ Additionally, you can access the archive containing previous payments which allows you to make informed and strategic decisions to predict next year’s cash flow.