Introducing AI Receipt Scanner for the Expense App

At Continia, we continuously strive to optimize the time you use on the expense management process. AI Receipt Scanner is a game-changer for expense reporting. AI Receipt Scanner is a time-saving tool every employee wants and needs in their expense reporting process!

What is AI Receipt Scanner?

AI Receipt Scanner is a brand-new feature we’ve added to the Expense App that frees up even more time!

Using cutting-edge OCR technology, AI Receipt Scanner captures and recognizes data from your scanned receipt and fills in the information for you – no more manual typing needed!


How it works

When you make a purchase, you simply take a picture of your receipt. AI Receipt Scanner then automatically captures and recognizes the data, filling in the amount, date, and description fields for you.

From there, all you need to do is choose the expense type and swipe to submit your expense report! AI Receipt Scanner also identifies data in PDF files attached to an expense, for example, from an email.



On-premises: All licenses automatically include 1,000 AI receipt scans per year. There will be an additional charge for each AI receipt scan above this number. You can check out our price list for specific pricing details.

Cloud: Unlimited AI receipt scans are included in the Essential Module at no additional cost.

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