Prentow Solutions

Prentow Solutions was established in 2001 with an objective to provide IT related services for midsize and smaller companies within the following areas: - IT Outsourcing - Advising of and implementation of IT projects - Rationalization. The company has since its start-up grown quietly by word of mouth as the sole marketing. We are today a team of nine based in Holstebro and Hanoi. Our company is centered on the concepts of: - Credibility. - Competence. - Competitiveness. Credibility You can trust us, we keep our promises. We are independent of any suppliers that we do business with on behalf of our customers and receive no kick-back or commission. We can therefore offer a credible and independent advice. Competence We know what we are talking about, we have an overall 50 years experience in IT. An experience derived from 30 different companies operating in 10 different countries. Our experience in IT is very broad and complemented by deep economic insights. We have employees who speak French, English, German, Danish and Vietnamese. Competitiveness We have decided to have a pricing policy that ensures that we keep our customers so we do not have to spend our time on sales efforts. We can maintain our very competitive prices by doggedly focusing on minimizing our costs, including moving as many tasks as possible to our Hanoi office. In addition, we ensure through the buying contracts that we can negotiate based on the total purchasing volume we represent, that our customers get some very favorable prices. We pass on all discounts we get to our customers. Our pricing policy may cause us to be a little difficult if we are exposed to criticism about the size of our small invoices.

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