Collection Management

Automate The Way You Collect Customer Payments from Business Central

Continia Collection Management handles everything from generating direct debit payment suggestions to receiving instant collection and status updates from a range of direct debit providers.

Automate the Way You Collect Customer Payments via Direct Debit

Working in finance, you probably want your recurring billing and accounts receivable management to be handled as smoothly and automated as possible.

Collection Management integrates directly with several notable collection service providers - you are fully covered, from generating direct debit payment suggestions to receiving instant status updates.

This solution gives you a perfect overview of agreement and payment statuses, enabling you always stay on top of your liquidity.

Once you've sent your invoices, your bank manages the actual collection process and sends notifications to your customers while keeping you updated on the payment process.

Every customer’s preferred collection method is registered and automatically added when an order, invoice, or credit memo is created in Business Central.

The built-in direct debit agreement management provides a clear overview of each agreement status, and you get a solution that helps you automate your invoice and collection processes. You can change the collection method manually on the individual sales document, e.g., cash sales.

With this solution, you only have one provider to handle your collections, simplifying the collection management processes.


Collection Management supports the following Danish Collection Services:  

  • Betalingsservice 

  • Leverandørservice 

  • MobilePay Invoice and Subscriptions (direct and link)  

  • Danske Bank Collection Service  

  • Nordea, Handelsbanken 

  • Bambora 


In Europe, the solution offers collections in EURO as well as registration credit cards and collections of cross-border payments by integrating with the following collection service: 

  • SEPA Direct Debit (B2B & B2C) with Nets, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, and Nordea 

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