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Improving finance processes in Dynamics NAV and Business Central is an ongoing focus in all Continia solutions. We continuously develop features, technical improvements, and innovations to secure the best user experience in your Expense Management solution. 

Highlights in version 2023 R1 (11.00)

  • Purchase Contracts (new add-on module): Save time managing and reviewing your company's contracts and subscriptions with a complete overview of all active agreements, which ensures correct invoicing. 
  • Calculation improvements for mileage receipt VAT (UK Market): You can now easily calculate VAT refunds from your employees' mileage fuel "rate" for tax deduction purposes. 
  • Portuguese and Polish translation: Expense Management is now available in Portuguese and Polish language layers. 
  • Payment types for user groups: Easily set up and use different payment types for multiple user groups.  
  • Payment type UI improvements: Creating payment types is quicker than ever. Subfields are only visible if their field group is selected, cutting down on the overwhelm of options. 
  • Support for Business Central Universal Code initiative: Keep compliant with Microsoft's Universal Code initiative so you can continue to use all the powerful Expense Management on-premises features as usual.   

Features introduced in 2023 R1

Highlights in version 2022 R2 (10.00)

  • Role Center cues - simplified Role Center experience for a simpler overview.
  • Saved images are synched to Continia Online - instead of storing images of receipts, etc., on a specific device only, they will now be synchronized and visible from the Expense Portal, making it easy to add images to an expense.
  • Options and text are supported in field dependencies - through configured fields, you can define and add default value fields, such as reason code, car type, or any other relevant information.
  • Resize add-ins - resize the document attachment fact box directly in the Document page and Expense, Mileage, and Expense Reports.
  • Spanish vendor support (Spanish localization)

News introduced in 2022 R2

Highlights in version 2022 R1 (9.00)


  • Payment options have been expanded - to enable even more payment options and set up specific payment needs. 
  • Field Type improvement enhances usability by making navigating the setup easier and working with configured fields. 
  • Further improvements to Per Diem - to support taxable amounts (also available on Mileage), where the possibility of multiple accommodation types (hotel, guest house) has been added along with a new report ready to be sent to tax authorities.
  • Norwegian Per Diem rules are integrated into Expense Management, making per diem expenses under Norwegian rules easy and quick to process for expense users, approvers, and admins.


Dive a little deeper into the features in these video walkthroughs: 

News introduced in 2022 R1

Highlights in version 2021 R2 (8.00)


This version has introduced even tighter integration with Document Capture so bookkeepers can process expenses using the Document Capture purchase approval workflow. Some of the significant news in this version includes:

  • New VAT fields on the Expense card and the Expense Split and Allocate page
  • Support for per diem trips with multiple destinations across different countries
  • Edit approved documents in Business Central
  • Preapproval of expense reports


Dive a little deeper into the features in these video walkthroughs: 

Features introduced in 2021 R2

Highlights in version 2021 R1 (7.00)


One of the new features introduced in Expense Management 7.0 is the possibility of signing in with Microsoft 365 credentials, making it a lot easier and more convenient for you to access relevant applications with a single sign-on. More highlights: 

  • Support for Microsoft 365 Login
  • Company logo in the Expense App
  • Delegation in the Expense App and Portal
  • Field dependencies


Dive a little deeper into the features in these video walkthroughs:

Features introduced in 2021 R1

Highlights in version 6.5


This version of Expense Management includes a long list of improvements where the user interface especially got a major overhaul. This means, among others:

  • Updates to the Setup Wizard.
  • Automatic hide and show tabs in the setup.


Dive a little deeper into the setup with these video walkthroughs:

Features introduced in version 6.5

Highlights in version 4.0

Per Diem was introduced as a feature to support employee reimbursements based on daily allowances. The Per Diem feature has been added to the Expense and Mileage modules to complete the travel settlement concept.

The YouTube video provides a walkthrough of the new Expense App including Per Diem that makes it possible to configure special rates for the first and the last day or sub rates shorter than one day. 


Dive a little deeper into the features in these video walkthroughs: 

Features introduced in version 4.0

Highlights in versions 3.5 and 3.0


Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

  • Continia Web Portal - Office 365 logins are supported.
  • Employee payments, instead of company payment, with a corporate credit card, are supported (I.e. used by some Eurocard agreements and American Express).
  • Assigning a credit card to more users - means that a credit card can now be shared between multiple users (I.e. used by Diners travel account, where one card is used for multiple employees).


This YouTube video provides a demo of the new version: 

Expense Management version 3.0 demo