OPplus - Associations

Combine several customers or vendors into one association

The module Associations is part of OPplus, the complete solution for financial management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It can only be used in combination with one of the OPplus bundles.

The module allows you to reconcile your associations with the help of the extended application function:

The open entries of a regulatory authority (customer) are displayed together in the Extended Application. This allows you to apply the payment amount of the regulatory authority to the corresponding open entries easily and in a single step.

If your customer is also your supplier or your supplier is also your customer, the open entries within that association are displayed together in the Extended Application. This allows you to conveniently allocate amounts from debit-side/credit-side settlements to the corresponding entries in one step.

The association's module enables you to clear open items across accounts:

  • Overview of all open items of the central regulator/payer (e.g., all associated customers)
  • Automatic item clearing across all open items associated with the central regulator/ payer
  • Overview and clearing options for the open items of a customer/vendor association
  • Establishment of Customer / Vendor links for a summarized balance view
  • Customer / Vendor link based open item clearing

Associations and Customer / Vendor Links are optionally considered in the Reminder notices and open item lists.

Learn more about OPplus Associations and download our factsheet

Download Factsheet OPplus Associations