Continia establishes local subsidiary in Germany

To strengthen our relationship with our German partners and focus on the German market, we are establishing a local subsidiary in Germany.

Großartige Neuigkeiten

We're happy to share some exciting news with you.

As you know, CKL Software has been the official distributor of Continia solutions in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets for several years.

From the very beginning, there has been a very strong synergy between the solutions in the CKL Software portfolio and Continia solutions, and the dedicated team at CKL Software has successfully been building a strong relationship with Dynamics Partners in these markets.

Now, the time has come to go separate ways as both parties see an advantage in focusing on their own stack of solutions more intensely. This means that from the 1st of August 2020, these markets will be supported directly from a German Continia subsidiary, an organization we are in the process of building right now.

Local partner support and qualified help with installation, setup and not least sales are the main focus areas to continue to assist you as a partner in the best possible way.

To help us strengthening our partnerships with you partners even more, we are happy to welcome Sebastian Radloff from CKL Software onboard as Country Manager for our new German company.

Sebastian Radloff will continue to work with Continia-related activities in CKL Software until August 1, 2020, and from this date, he transfers to the German Continia subsidiary.