New channel strategy for Continia Software in Belgium and France

Continia solutions have been successfully distributed, marketed, and supported for more than eight years by our official distributor, Dime, in Belgium, Luxemburg, and France. 

Dime, headed by Patrick Nijs and Tom Taffin and their team, have intensively worked with our partners in these countries and successfully made Continia solutions the leading finance add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Business Central in the Belgian and French market.

As a result of the high growth and the different characteristics of the Dime Scheduler solution and Continia solutions, both parties see a significant advantage in developing the business units, which make them unique separately.

Therefore, Dime and Continia Software A/S have agreed that Continia acquires the Continia business unit from Dime and integrates this unit into a new company called Continia Software Belgium BV as of April 1st, 2020. Our new company is led by Patrick Nijs as Country Manager, who has transferred from Dime to our new Belgian subsidiary.

To maintain and improve this leading position of our solutions, successfully built by the Dime team, the Continia experts within the current Dime team will be transferred to Continia Software Belgium BV to continue their support of all activities in both the Belgian and French markets.

Both Dime and Continia are excited about the intensified focus and possibilities these changes bring, and we look forward to building even more business in the future with our valued partners in the French and Belgian markets.