6th Gazelle in a row for Continia

Continia has again been awarded a Gazelle by the Danish newspaper, Børsen. This is the 6th in the bag for us.

To achieve the status of a Gazelle company, the company must have had positive growth over four fiscal years and doubled its revenue or gross profit during the period. 

"A gazelle business is defined by its ability to grow exceptionally vigorously and simultaneously develop profitably."

"It has certainly been ten fantastic years including ten times on turnover and employees and now overweight on exports-from six contractors in a ' glass cage ' to 60 good colleagues at four locations-almost incomprehensible what you can achieve with good ideas, amazing and engaged Employees, loyal partners, automation customers, and trustful shareholders. Thank you all for your contribution to this trip." - Henrik Lærke, CEO

We are very grateful to our partners for the great efforts they make every day in selling, demonstrating, and implementing Continia products worldwide.