New add-on modules for document capture and payment management

With the recent major release, we've launched two new add-on modules. A new add-on module for Document Capture (and later Expense Management) and a new add-on module for Payment Management. Read about them both here.

New add-on module for Document Capture (and later Expense Management): Purchase Contracts

Managing contracts has never been easier since you can now handle your purchase contracts efficiently and effectively directly from Document Capture. With this add-on module, you can create a purchase contract based on a recurring invoice and have the invoices auto-approved.


Your major benefits

Save time with an accessible overview of contracts
  • You get an accessible overview of renewal dates.
  • You save time managing your contracts.
  • You have all relevant statistics right at hand.


Save money by ensuring correct invoicing
  • You ensure that you only get invoiced for what you are supposed to.
  • You don’t pay for unused subscriptions or seats.
  • You make sure that contracts are terminated in time.


Spread out the workload by delegating tasks
  • You can create a contract directly from a recurring invoice.
  • You can set up reviewers of contracts.
  • You can auto-approve recurring invoices based on the contract.


How will the new module be priced?

The new module is introduced with an individual license price for On-premises, both for Document Capture and Expense Management.

For Business Central Cloud on AppSource, the Purchase Contracts module is introduced as an additional Feature Module in Document Capture.

  • Additional Feature Module (for Document Capture)
  • Included in the Essential Module (for Expense Management)

This license is valid for use within both solutions. For Expense Management, the features of Purchase Contracts are included in the Essential Module, meaning there will be no additional price to add cash and credit card purchases to your new contract management system.


New add-on module for Payment Management: Payment Approval

This new module ensures a secure and safe process for approving vendor and employee payments.

This add-on module supports the approval workflows that meet the challenges of setting up more advanced payment approval workflows in Business Central by enabling users to create approval workflows that allow several approvers to approve simultaneously and for each payment approver to approve all or specific lines (vendor or employee payments) in a payment journal.

In addition, depending on settings in the general Approval Management and settings for the individual payment approver, payments can be approved based on the accumulated amount in the payment journal/line, the percentage of the amount in the payment journal/line, or a maximum amount per payment journal/line or vendor/employee.


How will the new module be priced?

For Payment Management On-premises, the module requires an individual license as an addition to the base license.

For Business Central Cloud on AppSource, the module is available as a separate Feature Module in Payment Management. Please note that the general transaction count that defines the monthly usage price includes any transactions made using the new feature.


2022 R1 On-premises release