Notification of upcoming price changes

We're introducing new add-on modules, and related prices for these modules will come into effect immediately. Furthermore, upcoming price changes for all current solutions will be effective from January 1, 2023. This article describes the additions and changes in our two License Programs, one for Dynamics NAV and Business Central on-premises and the other for Business Central Cloud on AppSource.

Additions to licensing and pricing with immediate effect

We've updated all current price lists with the new modules we'll officially launch with the 2022 R2 release. Please read our general announcement for the availability of the individual modules and their features upon this launch.

Purchase Contracts is a new module for Expense Management and Document Capture. We're introducing this module with an individual license price for On-premises solutions - one can use this license in both Expense Management and Document Capture.

For Business Central Cloud on AppSource, we’re introducing Purchase Contracts as an additional Feature Module in Document Capture.

For Expense Management, we've included the features of Purchase Contracts in the Essential Module. This inclusion means that your new contract management system has no added price to cash and credit card purchases.

Expense Management On-premises licenses include 2000 registered mileages per year. Previously, we operated with a fee that had to be paid each time the number of mileages exceeded the 2000 registrations. This rule has now been simplified, so customers pay the cost for each registration exceeding 2000 mileage registrations. This rule will be included when customers receive their renewal invoice.

For Payment Management, we’re introducing three new add-on modules, Payment Approval, Service Provider Import, and Direct Debit (Direct Debit is only available for Dutch Business Central versions).

Concerning On-premises, all three add-on modules require an individual license - each module requires a Payment Management base license. For Business Central Cloud on AppSource, all modules are available as separate Feature Modules in Payment Management. Please note that the general transaction count that defines the monthly usage price includes any transactions made using the new features. General availability for these modules can vary, so please read our public announcements for further information.

Lastly, we've introduced a new Direct Communication solution between banks and Business Central in the DACH region called Continia OPplus Smart Banking. This solution is only available through Business Central Cloud on AppSource.


Changes to existing pricing valid from January 1, 2023

Due to the prevailing winds of economic instability, we are adjusting all our prices for existing and future customers.


On-Premises pricing

Regarding our End User License Agreement, the Enhancement Plan annual fee will be adjusted regularly according to a yearly indexation rate. From January 1, 2023, this rate will change from 2% to 5%. Even though this rate is significantly lower than the general price development in the economic landscape, we sincerely hope that times will change and allow us to lower our rate again as soon as possible.

We will keep our Enhancement Plan Rate at the same rate as today.

For Subscription License customers, both existing and future customers, prices will also be subject to change from January 1, 2023. The price change varies from solution to solution and country (divided by currency). The change will affect existing customers upon renewal of their Subscription (six months in advance).

For new customers, pricing for Purchase Licenses will undergo a general price increase. The related Enhancement Plan prices will only be relevant for new solution purchases. Due to these price adjustments, in many situations, there will be a significant economic advantage in investing in a Purchase License before January 1, 2023.

In Sweden and Norway, both Purchase License and Subscription License prices will undergo a relatively higher price increase than in other markets. We've based this increase on a historical mismatch between our mutual currencies. However, this only applies to our On-premises pricing and not Business Central Cloud on AppSource.

For Denmark only, Collection Management licenses will be subject to significant changes. The base license includes one Communication Module for the rest of the year. Additional Communication Modules require additional licensing. From January 1, 2023, the base license for Collection Management will change to include any Communication Modules available.

All Continia OPplus prices will remain unchanged.


Business Central Cloud on AppSource pricing

All Continia cloud apps on Microsoft AppSource will be subject to a general price increase. We recommend that our existing and future customers review the new pricing documents.

We'll introduce a minimum invoice level of four Named Expense Users or two Active Users for Expense Management customers.

Pricing for Continia OPplus will remain unchanged, except for Continia OPplus Smart Banking.

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