New major release

We're releasing the 2022 R1 version of our solutions for Business Central on-premises. New versions of apps for Business Central Online will be released in April.

What’s new?

For all of our major releases, we introduce you to a range of new features and enhancements based on the feedback we get from our partners and our customers. Here is a glance at some of the new features that are introduced with this release:  

Remember that you can get an overview of added features in the latest versions of all solutions on our upgrade pages: Document Capture, Expense Management, Payment Management, and Document Output


News in Document Capture 2022 R1 (9.00)

🚀 Registration of documents directly to General Journal Lines - useful in situations where no document approval or detailed posting information is necessary, e.g., one-time vendors that are unnecessary to register in full.  

🚀 Amount limits for approval flow codes and four-eye approval - introduced for a faster approval flow by ensuring that only the necessary number of people are involved in the approval processes and applying amount limits to trigger four-eye approval. 

🚀 Inclusion of purchase reason codes when exporting the Document Capture setup - gives easier and faster implementation upon setting up multiple companies. 

🚀 Attaching files from the Approval Entries page - speeds up the approval process by making it significantly easier to attach additional files without opening individual records. 

🚀 More drag-and-drop possibilities

🚀 More teaching tips 

🚀 Support for Finnish and Polish localizations - including translations. 


Find a detailed overview of all new and planned features here


News in Expense Management 2022 R1 (9.00)

🚀 Payment options have been expanded - this enables even more payment options and the ability to set up specific payment needs. 

🚀 Field Type improvement - enhances usability by making navigating the setup easier and working with configured fields. 

🚀 Norwegian Per Diem rules - integrated into Expense Management, making per diem expenses under Norwegian rules quick and easy to process for expense users, approvers, and admins.


Find a detailed overview of all new and planned features here


News in Document Output 2022 R1 (6.00)

🚀 Assisted Setup redesign - The design of the assisted setup guide has been redesigned to follow the other Continia solutions so there is consistency across all solutions.

🚀 Tooltips for all Document Output fields - provides contextual information and guidance to understand the functionality better.


Find a detailed overview of all new and planned features here


News in Payment Management 2022 R1 (4.00)

🚀 Support for import of multiple bank statements to one bank account reconciliation.

🚀 Share certificates across companies - makes it possible to create bank certificates for direct bank communication in Business Central that can be shared between companies within Business Central.

🚀 Support bank integration with Sparebanken Vest and Handelsbanken Nettbedrift using the digital service TietoEVERY (Norway).

🚀 Support for setting up Direct Debit with Rabo Bank, ING Bank, and ABN Amro (The Netherlands).


Find a detailed overview of all new and planned features here