Notification of upcoming price changes 


As of April 1, 2022, we are introducing price adjustments for several solutions, both On-premises and Online via Microsoft AppSource. These adjustments will affect both existing and future customers. Read more about the specific changes here.

Visit our pricing page to find relevant prices and download solution-specific price sheets.

Please note that for Document Capture, you will right now find two different price sheets, one displaying the current prices valid until March 31, 2022, and one with the upcoming prices announced in this article. 


Changes to Document Capture for Business Central Online (on Microsoft AppSource) 

We are introducing a price increase on the three Feature Modules for Document Capture, Advanced Capture, Order Matching, and Document Approval, for customers who process documents within the range of 25 to 1,500 in a month. For the Essential module within this processing range, there will be no price adjustment.  

Conversely, we are reducing prices on the Essential Module for large-volume customers who process between 5,000 and 100,000+ documents within a month. The table below shows the affected prices: 

The red area marks intervals with price increases and the green area marks areas with price reductions. For specific prices, please go to our pricing pages. 

Watch a pricing video that explains the price settings for Document Capture based on the new pricing terms per 1 April. 



Changes to Payment Management for Business Central Online (on Microsoft AppSource)  

No direct price change will be introduced for Payment Management, however, the way transactions are interpreted and counted will change, which then will have an indirect effect on the pricing. 

Today, 1 posted payment journal line is interpreted as the equivalence to one posting, even if it is a collective payment of several purchase invoices/purchase credit notes. 

This interpretation will change, meaning that from April 1, 2022, a transaction is equal to a posted payment journal line. If the journal line represents a summarized payment, the number of transactions will be equal to the number of applied entries within that payment journal line. 


All On-premises solutions, Subscription Licenses

We are introducing a general price increase for Subscription License prices for all Dynamics NAV and Business Central On-premises licenses, Base and Additional companies. 

The price adjustments become effective for both existing and new customers on April 1, 2022. For existing customers, the new prices will take effect with the renewal of the Subscription License Agreement (every 6 months).  

Visit our pricing page to download updated price sheets.