Payment Management

The easiest way to handle payment-related processes for Business Central users

Working in Finance, you may find it costly and time-consuming to handle payment files to the bank manually. Moreover, you probably want to ensure a stable payment flow and eliminate the risk of typing errors. Payment Management is a complete payment management solution that ensures great quality and provides a high level of security throughout the entire payment process. 

This way, you streamline your finance processes by approving, sending, and receiving payments in one simultaneous workflow directly from Business Central. 

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Please note that there are two different versions of Payment Management:


Minimum requirements for the APP on-premises versions

Minimum requirements for the APP online versions

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Version overview

On-premises customers can benefit from upgrading to newer versions and experience greater value from the latest functionalities, updates, technical improvements. Get an overview of upcoming and already released features here. 

Version overview

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User guides

Take a look at selected user guides and information about the banks and payment methods that Payment Management support, both in Denmark and other countries. 

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