Complete document output software solution in the cloud

Continia Document Output enables organizations to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the tasks related to document generation and distribution.

The solution covers the entire life cycle of the document distribution; from designing the template to any type of posting process, for example; organizing documents by specific customer data and including personalized advertising.

Take a look at the long list of additional functionalities you get with Continia Document Output in this benchmark document as it compares the functionality in the newly released version of Document Output with Business Central 2020 (BC17). The list provides a clear overview of the added functionalities within the document distribution lifecycle, from designing and sending e-mails to logging and archiving.


Benefit from a fully integrated document output solution in the cloud

Continia Document Output enables organizations to efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively manage the processes related to business document generation and distribution. With the release of Document Output for Business Central Online, we can offer a complete solution to handle document management - both inbound and outbound, in the cloud. 

The well-known and loved features from the on-premises solution, such as the ability to send e-mail documents in batches, print documents with background pdf and merge pdf, to have documents automatically attached to reminders and statements, designing own professional e-mail templates using the built-in HTML editor, and much more – are all available in one easy-to-use app.

And with the comprehensive overview and full audit trail of emails, printouts, and electronic documents, your customer is always in full control of the entire process.


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Introducing Continia local print service

Until now, Business Central users have not had the opportunity in the cloud to print a document directly on a printer but needed to open a PDF-file and print from the browser. This is now solved with the local print service integrated in Document Output for Business Central cloud, thereby providing an out-of-the-box integrated solution for managing all distribution tasks directly from Business Central.

In the cloud version of Document Output, we have added the functionality Continia local print service. This means that users are now able to print directly from their local Business Central as the functionality allows them to set up different printers based on reports or machines (their PC’s).

As with every other Continia solution available on Microsoft AppSource, it’s easy to sign up and get started using Document Output. The solution is already fully integrated into Business Central just like every other Continia solution, thereby reducing the need for external third-party integrations.