Continia Web Approval Portal will soon be available from servers in the US and in APAC

On February 15-16, we will be updating our cloud infrastructure and introduce new data centers in the United States and APAC. This means that between February 15, 12:00 PM CET and February 16, 12:00 PM CET, the Continia Web Approval Portal ( may be unavailable from time to time.


Who will be affected by this? 

The change will affect customers using Continia Web Approval Portal via

This means both cloud customers and NAV /BC On-premises customers using the portal via


The update will affect you even though you are not based in the US or in the APAC if you are using Continia Web Approval Portal via

The external IP address used by Continia Web Approval Portal to communicate with your local NAV/BC Web Services will change as a result of this update. Your firewall might be configured to allow only the specific external IP address used by Continia Web Approval Portal to communicate with your local NAV or Business Central Web Services.

As a result, your firewall might block the connection if you do not act on this.


What do you need to do? 

To be able to keep using Continia Web Approval Portal you need to ensure that your firewall will not block the access. To do this, you must add two additional IP addresses.

The current IP address of Continia Web Approval Portal is

The NEW IP addresses of Continia Web Approval Portal that need to be added are:



If you have any questions in relation to this, please don't hesitate to contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner.