E-Documents Import becomes XML import in Document Capture

Continia E-Documents Import has been an important strategic solution for Continia for many years.

In our strategy for our Continia Document Capture solution, we have been investing extensively in the ability to handle XML. For that reason, the functionality in Continia e-Documents Import will be merged into Continia Document Capture.

This means that we will not deliver Continia e-Documents Import as an extension to Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises, just as the solution will not be available for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud on Microsoft AppSource.

Instead, the Dynamics 365 Business Central version of Continia Document Capture is an extension of the On-Premise version, which includes the functionality of e-Documents Import. 

As we will no longer be developing significant new features in e-Documents Import, you might want to upgrade to Document Capture. 

We will still provide support for existing e-Documents Import customers. However, it will no longer be possible to purchase new licenses. 


You can read a benchmark document here that outlines the major differences between Document Capture XML Import and e-Documents Import. 


Read more about XML Import here