Building an electronic inbox inside Business Central

Along with the new release of Document Output for Business Central on-premises and fob-based versions, we are introducing new functionality that completes the outbound communication by enabling a swift distribution of electronic documents.

Everything is handled directly from Business Central. Companies send electronic documents from a specific file folder or attachments in their outgoing e-mails. Just like PDF documents, PEPPOL, and other XML documents, the process of distributing documents is handled effectively and securely. 

The functionality is available through the module XML Export, which is included in the software for Continia Document Output but requires additional licensing for on-premises installations. Existing Document Output customers interested in XML Export need to update their Document Output to access the solution.   

From e-Documents to XML Export  

Over the last few years, we have been investing extensively in the ability to handle XML documents.  

For this reason, the functionality in Continia e-Documents Export has now been merged into Document Output. This means that we will no longer deliver e-Documents Export as an extension to Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises, just as the solution will not be available for Dynamics 365 Business Central Online on Microsoft AppSource. 

Instead, the Dynamics 365 Business Central version of Continia Document Output is an extension of the on-premises version, which includes the functionality of e-Documents Export.  

As we will no longer be developing significant new features in e-Documents Export, you might want to upgrade to Document Output.  

We will still support existing e-Documents Export customers; however, purchasing new licenses will no longer be possible. 


Convert old eFaktura and E-Documents licenses and gain benefits 

If you have previously acquired the solutions e-Documents Import, e-Documents Export, and e-invoices, you can benefit from converting to XML Import and XML Export.    


Purchase License licenses:  

  • e-Documents Import - convert for free to an XML Import at the same license level. Please note that the Enhancement Plan is adjusted to the recommended XML Import price.  
  • e-Documents Export - upon conversion to XML Export, you get a discount of DKK 5,000 on the purchase of an XML Export license. The Enhancement Plan will be placed at the suggested retail price for XML Export.  



If you still have an active Enhancement Plan on the solution eFaktura, you can convert this for free to an XML Import and get a discount of DKK 5,000 when converting to XML Export.  

The Enhancement Plan will be in accordance with the indicative price list for XML Import and XML Export, respectively. The discount of DKK 5,000 can NOT be used in other contexts than when acquiring XML Export.  


Subscription Licenses 

If you have active agreements on any of the solutions mentioned above on a Subscription License, this agreement will be terminated, and a new one with XML Import and XML Export will be activated.  


Converting to Business Central Online  

If you convert one of the existing solutions and continue on Business Central Online, the current agreement will be terminated; A new consumption-based agreement will be initiated according to the indicative price list on Business Central Online apps.  


Please note!  

XML Import for NAV and Business Central on-premises requires an active license on Document Capture.  

XML Export for NAV and Business Central on-premises requires an active license on Document Output.