Information about upcoming price adjustments

Continia Software A/S introduces an upcoming price adjustment of approximately 2% for all Subscription licenses on the on-premise license pricing program (Continia Classic License Program) as of 1 January 2021.

This means that all new Subscription license agreements entered into from this date will access the new price rate with the 2% price indexation. Exiting Subscription license customers will transfer to the new rate for subsequent invoicing after January 1st, 2021 (Subscription license customers are invoiced in advance six months at a time). 


Specifically for customers settled in the U.S. and Canada

Specifically applicable to customers settled in US and CA dollars, upcoming price increases of approximately 9% have been announced. However, this will only apply to new subscription license agreements entered after 1 January 2021. All customers who enter into a deal before this date access the existing price list, which is adjusted by approximately 2%. Thus, license agreements can be beneficial to sign before the end of the year.

Important to note also is that our Business Central cloud/SaaS pricing will remain the same.


Information regarding Continia Expense Management customers

In our catalog, you will find that under Expense Management, Basis includes free use of the Continia Expense app for iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android as well as in the Continia Web Expense Portal (referring to upload of electronic receipts) for an unlimited number of expense users according to our general license conditions. In addition, it appears that;

Base licensing includes 2,000 mileage registrations per year. When the number of mileage registrations exceeds 2,000, a fee will be added when starting on the subsequent 2,000 mileage registrations (to, from, numbers of miles/kilometers).

Until now, this has not been applied. However, from November 1, 2020, a fee for mileage registration exceeding 2,000 will be applied, as regards the above. We kindly refer you to our catalogs for the specific price in local currencies.


Administratively, we invoice for any additional consumption based on the type of license for Continia Expense Management:


Purchase license (Continia Classic License Program)

Any additional consumption will be settled in connection with the invoicing of the annual Enhancement Plan. Each time during the Enhancement Plan period that consumption passes 2000 mileage registrations, a fee will be added as specified in our price catalog. When a new Enhancement Plan period starts, consumption is reset, and the first 2000 mileage registrations are again included in the license.


Subscription license (Continia Classic License Program)

As the 2000 mileage registrations are included per year, Subscription licenses are invoiced in advance six months at a time. Any additional consumption will be settled in connection with re-invoicing. 


Continia 365 License Program (Expense Management for Business Central Cloud)

No additional charges are applied other than the option to select Feature Modules.