New major release

New versions of Continia solutions to support Business Central on-premises and the fob-based versions are now available for download.

We are releasing the 2021 R2 version of our solutions for Business Central on-premises and fob-based versions. New versions of our apps for Business Central Online will be released in October.

Below, you can get an overview of the new major features.

You can find a link to each solution roadmap to glimpse the features planned for our next release.


News in Continia Document Capture  

Feature: Support for the ZUGFeRD XML format for Germany

Value: The ZUGFeRD XML document format is now available for German-speaking countries.


Feature: New ready-to-use categories

Value: Categories have been added for attaching files to purchase receipts, customers, vendors, and employees. Having all relevant documents readily available in one place saves valuable time looking for them. With these new document categories, customers can OCR-process documents and attach them to the appropriate flow. These categories are easily added from the configuration file.


Feature: Customizing the role center – assigning improvements

Value: The tile Assigned To Me is available as a separate page to be used in role centers for users who only need the Assigned To Me tile added to their role center. Access to related information, such as the vendor card or open documents, is now easier on the Assigned To Me page.


Feature: Assigning (delegate) improvements

Value: Further comments are now configurable, enabling you to assign documents in additional scenarios automatically. You can configure the comments individually on each template or as a global setting. Assigning documents to groups and shared users is now also possible. Several actions (shortcuts) are added on the Assign To Me page, allowing you to access related information easily.


Feature: Fraud detection

Value: To prevent fraud, additional checks will be added for any captured bank account and VAT numbers. If the VAT or bank account number differs from the values on the vendor card, you are notified by a message in the comment section, blocking unintended registration.


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News in Continia Expense Management


Feature: Enhanced integration to Document Capture

Value: This means that bookkeepers can now process expenses using Document Capture, either by using an already created vendor or by manually creating a vendor for the specifically related invoice. The attachment goes through the usual Document Capture purchase approval flow and ensures that the invoice is paid correctly.


Feature: Support for Per Diem trips with more destinations across different countries.

Value: By enabling multiple destinations in the Expense Management setup, expense users can now create a Per Diem trip via points in different countries and with various rates. By doing this, it will be the country with the highest rate they are traveling through that will count for that particular day. 


Feature: Edit approve documents in Business Central

Value: Requested feature from existing customers. It allows editing documents that have already been approved by setting up on the user card so that the user can edit approved documents. Everything but the amount can be changed. Every edited expense is stamped with a specific user name. 


Feature: Pre-approval of Settlement

Value: Convenient for more prominent companies as it enables expense users to book trips, hotels, etc., knowing that the final bookings are approved. Whenever a settlement is created in the Continia Expense Portal or the Continia Expense App, the settlement can be sent to the Approver for preapproval.


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News in Continia Document Output


Feature: Possibility to set sender profiles individually

Value: In addition to sending emails with attached pdf and XML as files, sending emails with pdf (files) and Peppol XML using Continia Delivery Network is possible. This means a greater variety of distributing documents in the profiles that can be set up.


Feature: See customized senders upon opening emails

Value: Using a simple setup on the email template card, this feature makes it possible to see who the sender is simply by opening the email. Specifically, the field From email is added to any email sent in Document Output, enabling customers to see the email address of the person who has been entered as the sender on the email template card.


Feature: Flexible merge fields

Value: Set up all the fields needed on the Merge Fields page for merging the specific information to emails. Among other company logos on email templates.


Feature: New HTML Editor

Value: It is possible to change the HTML template directly in the HTML code. Customers can add colors in HEXA, RGBA, and CMYK to have their company color exactly as the other company colors. The tables are inserted directly in the email body.


Feature: New Setup Wizard

Value: Customers can either run a complete setup, which configures every basic Document Output setup automatically, or choose a custom setup to set up the basic functionalities through several configuration steps.


Feature: Flexible setup of email signatures and email templates

Value: Now, customers can save email bodies and insert these into other templates. Moreover, customers can insert links to their social media business accounts.


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News in Continia Payment Management for Business Central 


Feature: Support for direct communication with more international banks

What’s the value? Now, direct contact is supported in the biggest banks in the Netherlands through Bizcuit Direct Communication. Banks included in this: ABN Amro, ASN Bank, Bunq, ING, Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS, Triodos Bank.​ Likewise, direct communication is supported in DNB Bank (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark).


Feature: Updated bank information on Continia Docs

Value: Continia Payment Management supports direct and manual bank communication with banks depending on which type of bank communication is supported. Read more about the two types of bank communication in our updated article Bank Communication.


Feature: Pay employee expenses with Payment Management

Value: Paying customer expenses from the payment journal using Payment Management will ensure an easy payment process while the payment information is validated before these are sent to the bank. Also, as Payment Management processes the payments, they will be posted with a unique payment ID used in the bank account reconciliation.


Feature: Summarize payments manually in the payment journal

Value: With this feature, it will be possible to manually execute the merge of payments after the payment lines have been created in the payment journal.


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