Our first apps are available on Microsoft AppSource!

We are ready for Business Central Cloud with the launch of two Continia solutions.

We proudly announce the availability of Continia Document Capture 365 and Continia Expense Management 365 on Microsoft AppSource. The solutions are only available in BETA for a few selected partners, but we have taken the first public steps into a new historical journey with this launch!

Over the last months, our solution teams have been working intensively on getting our solutions ready for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud. And this week, we passed a significant milestone as we published both Document Capture 365 and Expense Management 365 on Microsoft AppSource.

Over the next period, both solutions are in BETA, which means that only a small number of customers with an agreement can use the solutions to ensure that the overall experience is as smooth as possible. 


We expect to be fully available with our cloud solutions in 2019 Q1. 

As you might know, we price our solutions on Business Central Cloud in an entirely new way. 

We encourage you to watch our recent video describing our new licensing, including examples of the new pricing structure based on modules and usage. 

Watch the video here.