Automatical import of credit card expenditures directly into Dynamics NAV in France, Belgium and The Netherlands

A new cooperation with the bank ING opens up for the possibility to import credit card expenditures directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV automatically in Belgium, France and The Netherlands.

One of the major benefits with Continia Expense Management is the possibility to import credit card expenditures of each employee directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV - either manually or automatically. With automatical import, users can get a freshly updated overview of all company expenditures every morning, and furthermore, the solution automatically links the individual spending line with a registered receipt. 

In cooperation with a long list of credit card providers, Continia Expense Management can exclusively provide a freshly updated overview of all the purchases that employees have made by credit cards - directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

This secures a dynamic and effective system where companies have all the necessary documentation at hand at all times.

We are continuously adding more and more banks to our list of banks that support this tight integration, and we are proud to announce our first larger bank outside of Scandinavia to handle automatical import of credit card expenditures - ING - in mainly Belgium, France and The Netherlands. 

You can see the full list of banks that we integrate with - either through manual or automatical import - in our overview here