Continia 2021 R1 On-premises solutions are ready!

With the release of new versions of all Continia solutions, we’re ready with our solutions to support Business Central on-premises and the fob-based versions.

Once again, our engineering teams have been working extremely hard to release new versions of our solutions. This means we can now announce the joint availability of Continia on-premises solutions.   

Our partners' and end customers' feedback is valuable, which is why the new versions contain several substantial improvements and feature updates based on your user feedback and requests.  

End-user productivity is crucial, and we strive to improve productivity with enhancements to the modern client experience, better Setup Wizards and assisted setups, streamlined data entry, and requested features.   

Please note: In this release, we release the 2021 R1 version of our products for Business central on-premises and fob-based versions, not for Business Central Online. Our apps for Business Central Online will be released in April. 

What’s new?  

We value the feedback from our partners and end customers, and the new versions contain several substantial improvements and feature updates based on user feedback and requests. 

Within all solutions, a long list of both technical improvements and user-optimizing features has been added. Get a glimpse of some of the news here:  

New in Continia Document Capture  

  • Copy a template – make desired changes in a master template and automatically push these changes to all related templates. You can add an entirely new field to the master template and have this additional field moved to all associated templates. 
  • Force registration – of Continia Document Capture documents to register invoices or credit notes with a minimum of recognized information (vendor and amounts). 
  • Support for Intercompany in the Continia Web Approval Portal – enables approvers to specify Intercompany-related information in purchase documents during the approval process. 
  • Continia Delivery Network - a unique service that integrates with the Peppol eDelivery Network, enabling you to receive electronic purchase invoices and credit memos directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Learn more here


We'll keep making several substantial improvements for our upcoming release and update minor features based on user feedback and ideas. 

Get an overview of the news in Document Capture 2021 R1 (7.00) here

What’s new in Continia Expense Management  

  • Manual transactions import tool – makes it possible to manually import transaction files that have been exported from your online bank account (provided that exporting transaction files is allowed by your bank). 
  • Delegation in Expense App and Portal – delegated users can now create and manage expenses, mileages, and per diems for others in the Expense App and the Expense Portal as well as in Business Central.  
  • Customize the Expense App – enables companies to insert their logo in the Expense App. 
  • Support for Microsoft 365 Login – allows expense users to sign in to the Continia Expense Portal and the Continia Expense App via Azure Active Directory (AD) using the same email and password combination. Read more about this here


We are constantly revising Expense Management and looking for new ideas to improve the solution.  

Get an overview of all the news in Expense Management 2021 R1 (7.00) here.


What’s new in Continia Document Output  

  • XML Export – now, it is possible for companies to send electronic business documents to their customers and vendors directly from Business Central. Read more about the new possibilities for electronic document handling here
  • Continia Delivery Network - a unique service that integrates with the PEPPOL eDelivery Network, enabling you to send electronic purchase invoices and credit memos directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Learn more here


We make several substantial improvements and update features based on user feedback and ideas. 

Get an overview of the news in Document Output 2021 R1 ( here.


What’s new in Continia Payment Management for Business Central 

  • Payment validation on the purchase journal -the purchase journal now supports payment validation. This means that Payment Management will validate payment journals that have Payment Management enabled. 
  • Simplified UI with updated and improved captions - especially the Payment Management Setup page has been made more straightforward, and several settings have been moved to separate setup pages, which can be accessed from the action bar of the Payment Management setup page. 
  • Setup and user guides for Payment Management are available in English on Continia Docs.  


Get a complete overview of the most important news in the recently released version of Continia Payment Management. 

Get an overview of the news in Payment Management 2021 R1 ( here.