New major versions of Continia Document Capture and Continia Expense Management have been released

With version 5.00, we've optimized a wide range of features that enhance the user experience in Document Capture.

We have been working very hard to make the daily use of Document Capture even easier. With Document Capture 5.00 you will experience a much more accessible and manageable interface that makes the daily processes as easy as a game, among others:

  • Faster first recognition of a document from a new vendor

  • Better overview in the document journal when editing the template and template fields

  • Document categories page overview has been greatly improved

  • Options and actions are only shown if configured or relevant to the data you are viewing

  • The flow of approvers is visible directly on the document and in the NAV approval entries page

  • Ability to modify invoice lines in NAV while the invoice is sent for approval (NAV 2016 and newer)

  • Enhanced approval experience in NAV approval entries page and Continia Web Approval Portal

  • New columns deferral code and location code are available in the ContiniaWeb Approval Portal

  • Direct drill down on role center tiles and in purchase allocation gives you faster access to documents and entries

  • Improved match functionality


With Expense Management version 3.00, users can now allocate expenses

Just as with Document Capture, we have been working very hard to simplify the daily use of Expense Management. This means that on top of optimizing a lot of existing features, we have also added some great new features. 

  • Allocation is now possible, which is also visible in the Expense Management Status Report

  • Possibility to rotate a picture in NAV Windows Client and Web Client

  • PDF is supported in the add-in preview

  • Posting Preview (from NAV 2016)

  • Mileage rates on attendees

  • Mileage can be posted in NAV and in external payroll systems

  • Possibility to register mileage for a company car for the sole purpose of invoicing jobs

On top of these highly requested features, we have furthermore made a lot of optimizations in the app, in the web portal, and in NAV.


Go to Continia PartnerZone to download the new packages, including updated documentation.