This is why you should upgrade your solution

Enhance the user experience by upgrading your solution to the newest version.

Improve your software performance and enable employees to accomplish more in less time.

Upgrading your solutions to the newest released versions provides you with the latest developed functionality in these, and furthermore, they often offer many advanced features not available in earlier versions.

Now may be the time to focus on your IT assets to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently.


Better user experience

Enhancing the user experience in our solutions is always a priority at Continia. 

In our latest new versions, we have, among other things, focused a lot on simplifying the layout and functionality with fewer fields and buttons, warnings and dialogue boxes. We have furthermore optimized the visual design so fields are only shown in the right context.


New features

We are constantly looking to offer new and improved features and functionalities and speed enhancements in our solutions to make the end-user experience better. An example of such a feature can be found in version 6.00 of Document Capture, where we released a brand new add-on module to handle XML-documents.

This new XML Import module brings the possibility of handling electronic purchase invoices and credit memos while still using all the functionality of Document Capture, a functionality that prior to this version was available in another solution. 


Bug fixing

Updating your software ensures that you’re running the most current and bug-free version.


Take a look at the many enhancements and new functionality in the latest versions in our 3 biggest solutions here