OPplus Combines Important Modules of Financial Management

OPplus combines commercial and technical expertise to conveniently represent financial accounting issues in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. As a cloud- or on-premises-based solution, users will find all convenience they need to efficiently process e.g. incoming and outgoing payments.

OPplus Modules

Payment Import

Included features
  • Import of documents

    Automated import of bank account statements and payment advices

  • Settlement of open entries

    Automatic allocation of open entries with a hit-rate of up to 95%

  • Connectivity with a payment provider

    Import bank statements with a single click: set up a payment provider to have your transactions directly in the system

  • Flexible setup opportunities

    Flexible setup opportunities in general and with the help of accounting rules

  • Import via customizable CSV-ports

    For example also for Paypal and Amazonpay

  • Processing of returned debits

    Automatic processing of returned direct debits including opening the origin entries

  • Extended settlement

    Easily perform manual settlements with extended settlements

  • Partial payments

    Allocation of partial payments with payment discount, over- and under payments, fees etc.

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Payment Export

Included features
  • Payment proposals

    Payment proposals across formats regardless the direction in a single step

  • Payment file customization

    Individual set up of payment files based on schemas for SEPA- or ISO files minimizing technical customizing costs

  • Payments without posted entries

    Payments can be processed without posted entries

  • Easy handling of SEPA direct debit mandates

    Manage your SEPA direct debit mandates in OPplus and keep track with a comprehensive log

  • Payments from various customers/vendors

    Individual bank accounts at document level for payments of various customers or vendors

  • Included standard reports

    Standard Reports, such as payment advices, payments lists etc. are included in this module

  • Individual possibilities to adjust payment proposals

    For example partial payments, payment discount, payment purposes, etc.

  • Further international payment transactions configurable

    In addition to German payment transactions, we offer further international payment transactions. Nonstandard payment transactions can also be easily configured.

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