Ready for Business Central 19

With the release of new cloud app versions and updated on-premises versions, all Continia solutions are now ready for BC19.

With the new version of Business Central, we have seen a continued focus on helping new and existing users to become productive faster and easier. A focus that is further emphasized in all Continia solutions, thereby empowering Business Central with even more user-friendly functionality and workflows.

Once again, our development teams have proved to be superheroes, working hard to deliver software packages to support the current release of BC19.

Last month, we released new major versions of all our on-premises and fob-based solutions, and now, we can announce full support for Business Central 2021 release wave 2 (meaning Business Central 19) on all platforms.

This means that along with a new version of all our cloud apps for Business Central Online, which can be downloaded via MS AppSource, we have also released service packs for our on-premises solutions, both fob-based and app, which primarily consist of minor corrections, including support for BC19.


Why upgrade your solution? 

The feedback we receive from our partners and end customers is valuable. Our new versions often contain several substantial improvements and feature updates based on user feedback and requests.  

End-user productivity is crucial, and we strive to improve productivity with enhancements to the modern client experience with better Setup Wizards and assisted setups, streamlined data entry and requested new features.   

Get more insight into our various versions on these pages and see how much added value you get from upgrading to newer versions: 

Document Capture

Expense Management

Document Output

Payment Management